Why You Should Ignore That Unsolicited Email From That “SEO Expert”

What is an SEO scam?

If you receive an email from an online strategist or SEO expert and he tells you that he has done full analysis of your site and found that it is giving poor performance then it will be considered as an SEO scam. These experts will introduce you with those problems of your site that are unspecified. They will tell you that your ranking on the search engine can be improved if you take their help. These people will also ask you if you are interested in taking their help so that your customers as well as traffic can be increased. Mostly phony emails are sent by these kinds of people and it is a serious issue.

How will you identify that it is an SEO scam?

The name of your website as well as your first name is included in this email and so it looks as if it is specially created for you only. You will also find that the remaining message is presented to you in a general format. If these mails are written in a poor manner then you can conclude that these are fake. But if several ranking factors that are real are specified here in a perfectly written form then what will you do?

You can identify an SEO scam with several signs of warning and these are:

● If an unsolicited email is sent to you.

● If it has not mentioned the name of your company.

● If multiple senders have used identical pitch in their message.

● If instead of a company domain a disposable domain has been used to send you the email.

● If they have provided a location for their office address and later it turned out to be fake.

● If it has been found that the email has been sent without doing any real research. You can easily notice it on the pitch.

An SEO strategy is used by a website company where at several times these pitches are received and this company is basically a CMS Intelligence company. So, if an email is received at this company’s website by an alleged expert then he will understand that doing this is useless. Also, if you receive phony email pitches then it is a further proof that these are fake.

Is getting these kinds of emails valuable to you?

No value can be given to these types of mails. These should be put into your trash. It is a possibility that a software program has generated these kinds of spam mails which have been received by you or anybody else. There are chances that these mails are tailored to you but mostly automation is used for sending these to your inbox. Creation of contact emails’ lists and website owners’ lists on the basis of data that is publicly available can be done by taking help of this software program. After this a general message can be sent to a large group of people in the form of email. Getting your contact details is the basic aim of the company which sends you mails. This company passes the responsibility to another company which does very little optimization of your website and it can not be so beneficial to you. It is sure that they have not analyzed your site fully and have left the task incomplete.

What steps should be taken by us?

There is no need to give any importance to these emails. You just have to delete these. If you are unable to take the decision then you should think whether it will be a wise decision to pay money to someone who has contacted you via an unsolicited email? Don’t even think to hire such kind of people. Rather you should go for SEO strategies that are measurable and under your control. It will be a good idea to take the help of a popular SEO provider for making improvements in your website if you are lacking somewhere in your SEO strategy.

You should know that it is a very time-consuming and complex process to do the proper SEO of a website. Because of this these scams are taking place. But you should always avoid such emails.

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