Visit Exciting Phuket For Family Fun In The Sun!

Family Hotels Phuket

If you are looking for a fun, educational, and relaxing holiday for you and your family this year, then we have just the place for you- Phuket, Thailand! This tropical island paradise resembles a lush, green emerald set in the striking azure waters of the Andaman Sea, and is the perfect place for a fantastic family adventure, where you can experience fascinating culture and explore the beauty of nature on land and at sea. Getting there is easy, most major world airlines have a route that leads conveniently to Bangkok’s excellent ultra-modern Suvarnabhumi Airport, and from there, it’s just a short hop down to the island, whose beauty and allure will be immediately apparent when viewed from the air- you and your family will be so excited you will hardly be able to wait until you land, and you will soon find the voyage to be well worth it!

Make sure to book ahead so that once you arrive on Phuket your friendly shuttle driver can whisk you away to your rooms in the luxurious family hotels in Phuket where you will be welcomed by the gracious staff who are dedicated to catering to your every need. The spacious family suites boast two bedrooms and two baths, so you will all have plenty of space. Between the room’s cutting-edge family entertainment options, the beautiful swimming pool, fun and friendly Kid’s Club with its games and activities, and the delicious Thai and Western cuisine offered by the award-winning restaurants, you might never want to leave the grounds, but you must, because the gorgeous white sand beach is just a few minutes walk away!

Travelling with children can be a challenge, but Thailand is a very family-oriented culture and the big-hearted locals will greet you warmly as if you were one of their own. If you are travelling with young children, or a baby, and need some “mom and dad time”, fear not, your always accommodating hotel staff can recommend a trusted local babysitter to give you a break! Chances are the little ones will have such a good time being spoilt in the grand Thai tradition they might not want to come back to the hotel with you! Of course, hitting the beach is the first item on anyone’s list of things to do when visiting a tropical island, and Phuket does not disappoint. Spend the day lounging in the sun working on your tan, or under the shade of the gently waving palms, building magnificent sandcastles, and swimming in the clear, warm waters of the Andaman Sea. If you want to get even more wet, join a day cruise to the many snorkelling spots where you can get up close and personal with the gorgeous tropical reef fish, and maybe even see a sea turtle or two! Once you are ready to set foot on dry land again be sure to visit the picaresque and historical Old Town. Come to Phuket for family fun in the sun!


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