Visit 3 Areas in Your Next Wildflower Holidays and Experience a Different China

Butterflies swarming around, birds chirping nearby, and snow-covered mountain peaks peeking from far away – now this describes a perfect holiday, right? And the long thick carpet of flowers is something to complete the scenery. As you are habituated in observing such a setting in the oil or water painting, the natural sight will take your breath away. The western or southern part of China is a dream place for every nature worshipper. On top of it, the rich blend of Tibetan elements and customs are sure to take the adventurous trip to the next level. For instance you can witness the Leshan Giant Buddha near Mount Emei. This tall stone is now a part of the World Nature and Culture Heritage Site.

Not to mention, the thousands of native and rare plant species across China are the main focus points. Who would have thought meeting giant pandas could be possible during your wildflower holidays? Through rich greenery, the bewitching nature’s wonders, and transfixing floral beauty, Yunnan or Sichuan has a lot to offer to the budding or professional photographers as well. Now, do you need more details to decide on whether you are making the right decision about choosing the place? To know more, read on.

See Alpine Flowers in West Sichuan

When you imagine West Sichuan, the high mountain ranges come to your mind. Mt. Emei, Balang Mountain, Four Sisters Mountain, and Mt. Zheduoshan are only a few to name. When you will be traveling across the rough terrains, the spectacular collection of endemic flowers and virgin land is going to mesmerize you. The dense carpets of Lilium, Primula, Corydalis, Rhododendron, and Meconopsis will welcome you. While hiking through the mountain trails, you can find the Himalayan Spurless Columbine blooming in the rock crevices. Their fern-like leaves are going to attract your eyes, for sure. Meconopsis lancifolia is another herb-like tall flower found in ruddy purple or pale purple color.

Shoot Wild Orchids from northwest Sichuan

Tripping over Shenxianchi or Jiuzhaigou National Park, the breathtaking scenery covered with alluring flowers defines a wholesome wildflower tour. One of the unique orchids, Cypripedium shanxiense is often found in a wide range around Shenxianchi. For the beginners’, the lower altitude of the landscape will not be a problem. Moreover, the professional guides will interest you in random facts about this orchid – Cypripedium shanxiense was used for medicinal purpose in the ancient period. Again, the endless rows of Cypripedium flavumare one of the highlights of the place. It is a native flower of China and the name originates from the Latin word of yellow. So, you can guess what the color of the orchid is!

Observe Mountain Flowers in Shangri-La Passes

Thanks to the beautiful biodiversity of Yunnan and Sichuan, the mountain ranges, especially, are the top picks for every wildflower. You can follow the trails around Mt. Zheduo and reach the natural habitats of wild flowers. The delightful pink color of Nomocharis aperta should remain in the mind of every lily lover. Additionally, the little petals of Cassiope selaginoides enhance the beauty of small shrubs around the passes. In case, you are visiting the place during the last of spring, you are in for a treat. The bell-shaped flowers are not as delicate as you see; they are hard but often damaged due to late frosts. So, your journey of wildflower Chinais made quite exciting and adventurous with the stunning landscape of Baima Snow Mountain, Yading Nature Reserve, or Meili Snow Mountain.

So, if you want to experience the nature and nature’s offering at the same, book your tickets for wildflower expedition now.

Author bio: Jerry Miller, a travel enthusiast with keen interest in writing, has published an informative write-up on his experience of wildflower China. Here, he mentions the top points of interests to keep in mind during one’s wildflower holidays.

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