Top 4 Activities in South New Zealand

Things to do in Picton, NZ

There probably aren’t that many places on this planet that you have yet to visit and for many intrepid travellers, New Zealand is an appealing destination. The nation is divided into two islands, the North and South; home to the Māori people, there are around 700 small islands that are mainly nature reserves. There are many species of birds in the southwest Pacific region, so the southern island is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

If you have made your flight booking and are looking for cool things to do in New Zealand, look no further.

  1. Queenstown – A town on the southern island, Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world; you can fly down a rapids-river in a jet-powered boat; we use the term ‘fly’ because there are times when the boat completely leaves the water. If you manage to recover from that, you can book the highest bungee jump in the world; many tourists book the jump, but when they actually arrive at the jump pod and look down, they decide not to jump! Only the bravest will launch themselves off the pod that is strung across a deep ravine, with a 440ft drop, which gives you almost 10 seconds of freefall. There are activities for the less brave and some great restaurants.
  2. Mount Cook – Who would ever think of going to NZ and not visiting Mount Cook? Standing 3,700m above sea level, the mountain has 3 summits, which attract mountaineers from all continents. The mountain sits in Mount Cook National Park in the Canterbury region and tours are varied, depending on what you want to see. If you are a bird lover, this is a great place to observe rare species that use the park as a stop-off point during a long migration, while some species stay throughout the year.
  3. Milford Sound – Often described as ‘the most beautiful place in the world’, Milford Sound has to be experienced; images or video cannot capture the serene ambience, while Queen Charlotte Sound is another popular attraction. Click here for the top things to do in Picton, NZ and make the most out of every day in this stunning place.
  4. Lake Wakatipu – A stunning inland finger lake, Wakatipu is 80km in length, making it New Zealand’s longest inland lake. Kayaking and boat trips are available and there is top-class accommodation.

If you spend a few hours surfing the web, you can learn a lot about New Zealand’s South Island, which has a unique ecosystem.


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