Top 10 Most suitable Free Tools for SEO

Search Engine Optimization task is a plethora of tools. Each SEO professional has a unique set of tools they prefer to use.

The most effective all-in-one SEO tools are cost-intensive and demand a monthly subscription. They are best suited for larger companies and agencies who use them frequently and require the most advanced capabilities of these SEO audit tools.

Tools for technical SEO

Technical SEO software is focused on ensuring that your site is functionally solid about SEO requirements. These tools can help you identify and fix technical issues on your website.

 Google Search Console

The first tool you should be with should be Google Search Console. Google’s tool is intended to keep track of your Google presence. The tool has been updated to provide greater user satisfaction and is now simpler to utilize. This tool lets you learn about.

Average rankings for your page as well as keywords How often will you be listed in the results of your search, and how many times you click on your results How is your website being indexed by the Google database

Screaming Frog

An excellent tool for essential use crawls your website and gathers beneficial information from every page. It is a tool that can figure out the most common technical issues.

For Screaming Frog lets you crawl 500 URLs for free, which will suffice for many smaller websites.


It is a Chrome Auditing Tool built into Chrome and may be downloaded from Chrome Developer Tools. Find it using the menu or press F12.

Find the tool in on the Audits tab. The device can run five different audits on the page you are on. It all takes one button. It also includes additional explanations for every issue that is encountered.

 Test tool for structured data

Structured data is an effective method of marking information on your site so that search engines can easily read and comprehend it. It’s just not always the most efficient method of implementation. Utilize this tool to find out if your plan is executed correctly.

This browser tool loads your website at least a few times and provides detailed information about how quickly it loads. Also, it includes a list of the files loaded and the amount of time each took to load.

This is an excellent method to identify bottlenecks. Make sure also to look for Time for First Byte. You’ll want the first byte to be loaded within 0.5 seconds.

 Ahrefs toolsfor free

Ahrefs is an all-inclusive SEO tool that will help immensely when conducting your keyword research. However, should you not have the funds to purchase their plans for paying customers, they also provide a variety of SEO tools for free that can be useful.

They provide no-cost tools to research keywords, for example: A keyword generator The Keyword difficulty checker.

keyword difficulty checker A keyword rank checker A keyword tool that includes YouTube, Amazon, and Bing Keyword Tool.

They also provide SERP and link-building tools, such as a SERP and backlink checker. A link checker that detects broken links and much more.


Many keyword tools will aid you in locating keywords and determining the volume of searches. They all require a payment to work.

One exception is Ubersuggest which offers a variety of valuable functions. It’s all at no cost.


MOZ’s no-cost Chrome add-on allows users easy access to vital details. It lets you discover a page’s Page Authority and Domain Authority.

You can also use it to examine your meta description for your page H1-headers, page title, and meta description without having to look them up by reviewing the source code.

 Link explore

Another helpful tool is available from MOZ. Link Explorer allows you to find backlinks every 10 days for no cost. For one query, you will get 50 rows of information.

It’s not a lot to do backlink research, but it’s more than enough. It certainly can assist you in starting.

 SERP Simulator

When you need to improve your click-through rates, fine-tuning your search results is one of the SEO strategies.

If you want to ensure that your results appear as perfect as possible, SERP Simulator can help you understand what you’re doing and assist you in keeping your meta description and page title at the right length.


SEO is a specialized field, and the work is challenging to achieve without the right tools in your arsenal. Nowadays, there are plenty of low-cost and straightforward to use means you can use.

There’s no requirement for high-end devices to do all things.

Suppose you require an SEO tool for link creation, content marketing, backlink checking tool, SEO on page Keyword concepts, optimization, or anything else. In that case, there’s an affordable tool you can use.


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