Things to Know Before Booking Your Mumbai to Goa Cruise

Connecting two hotspots, the Mumbai to Goa cruise is home to abundant entertainment opportunities. With luxurious accommodations, international cuisines, best safety policies and an array of facilities, India’s first domestic cruise liner, Angriya, promises a stimulating experience. It is a 7-storey cruise with wooden flooring and pastel decor that is devoted to serve the guests and take care of the environment as well. The more you read about this cruise, the more fascinated you will be. And no doubt, you will end up booking the tickets to the cruise. So, to help you understand how cruise works and what can give you a flawless journey, here are a few things you must know:

  1. There is more than one type of room

Either you are first time hitting the cruise or hundredth, research on cruises in inevitable. There are wide-ranging accommodations according to budget, people and preferences. Angriya has got eight categories of rooms, from suites to pods. The names are family rooms, buddy rooms, couple rooms, luxury pods and groups, ranging from Rs 7000. From two-bedded rooms to single dormitories, you can choose whatever you like. Solo travellers should book the dormitory, or otherwise, they will end up paying 70% of the double beds, which is expensive.

2. You will get a better deal when booked early

Most cruise lines have almost similar pricing until they are having their anniversaries, celebrating certain events and offering discounts. So, start with comparing the prices. If you book way early, you can take advantage of the reduced price, or a room upgrade, like a suite with ocean view. Also, when there are fewer bookings and maximum cabins are left unreserved, the prices get conveniently low.

3. There are onboard facilities with extra cost

Angriya offers an oodles of onboard enrichment programs for you to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Another aspect of cruise lines is how crowded it could be. So, to enjoy the services you need to pre-book them. For example, the Mumbai-Goa cruise, Angriya has three open decks. You can enquire and reserve the space on the deck to catch the stunning view. Similarly, arrange the spa and massage appointments to avoid the hassle later.

4. Food cost is added to the ship fare

Speaking of food, cruises hire the best chefs for the kitchen. From live stations to a world-class menu, several cuisines to kid-friendly dishes, Angriya has an array of eating places. It ensures that your 15-hour journey completes with flavorsome food, creative cocktails, appetising buffet and lavish high tea, made out of the freshest ingredients. While booking for the cruise, you get the wholesome package of all the eatables, beverages, dinner etc at Rs 2000. This is an unskippable option and will be automatically added to the room or bed fare.

5. The cruise liner’s newsletter has info on events, discounts and more

Cruises are rich with events and parties. Subscribe the official newsletter of the cruise, and you can get updates on what’s happening in the evening, where is the big dinner, and what is the party dress code. Besides that, there are special sales, discounts for returning guests, and special affiliations.

6. A cruise must make you feel at home

Let the convenience of cruise talk! As you sail, the breeze above the ocean, the starlit sky and the picturesque sunset make for a beautiful trip. This becomes interesting with the wealth of on-board amenities and crew team— that help you unwind as well as revel with comfort. Regardless of where on the cruise you want to sit and kick back, the facilities and staff around should be available to answer for your problems.

7. The cruise needs to be entertaining

On a holiday, the one thing that you wouldn’t want to do is to sit ideal and get bored. Cruises are the perfect getaway options to unplug for a while. The lavish Mumbai-Goa cruise is an all-in-one vacation where you dine in a chic atmosphere, immerse in the magical infinity pool, say cheers to a 360-degree view of Indian Sea with your favorite champagne, hear sea’s entrancing music from the decks, and get revitalizing spa massages.

8. There are cruise rules

• The check-in luggage allowance of the cruise is 25kg and the hand luggage allowance is 10kg.

• You will not get access to the check-in luggage throughout your journey, so carry a handbag with your essentials in it.

• Pregnant ladies under 6 months and infants below 6 months age will not be allowed in the cruise.

• Hazardous items like explosives, weapons, tools, etc are banned on the cruise.

Read the cruise line’s policies thoroughly to make sure it’s truly a good deal — and there you are good to go for your next voyage.


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