The Importance Of Live Streaming Events

Live stream events are becoming popular among audiences and organizers. These types of events are conducted to provide ease of joining to attendees. But, it demands for engaging content and visuals. It is because you need to impress your virtual audience with appealing content.

Considering Singapore particularly, streaming is a new normal in an event. Audiences are preferring live stream in Singapore instead of in-person events. Furthermore, there are numerous benefits of live streaming. What are they?

Explore our guide to know more about live streaming advantages! 

Why Is Live Streaming Important? 

Now, take a look over the major reasons why organizers are preferring live streaming instead of in-person events. Below we have listed some of them.

1. Increase Engagement

For a business, the most important thing is to connect with the target audience. To ensure a great ROI, the customer plays an important role. It’s essential for an organization to interact with its clients via pre-recorded (even if everything is scripted) or live video content. 

Undoubtedly, pre-recorded videos are a powerful way for businesses to display their important products or services. Well, the live stream event is considered a successful way for promoting your content. And if the program is easily accessible (on YT, or other online platforms), then it engages a larger audience. 

Contrarily, live streaming allows getting a human touch, even in digital events. A live stream event is better to break the barrier between the audience and the hosts. While attending a virtual event, the attendees want to get the same feeling as an in-person event. So, the most important thing is that the audience must feel a part of an event that needs personalization.

It doesn’t matter from which corner of the globe attendees belong to. The most important thing is that the audience must interact with the speaker and others. Fortunately, the event planners can make live streams enough to provide a great environment for viewers. It offers a chat room, live discussions, and the ability to download videos.  

2. Excellent Audience Potential

As you know, physical events are limited because of the space available at a venue, so going for a live stream is a great idea. A brand or business can invite as many audiences to an online event but consider bandwidth. There is no limit to the audience, unlike in in-person events.

There are situations, when people want to attend a program but can’t because of less time. So, in this situation, live streaming is a pro solution. It doesn’t require traveling costs, accommodations, and other expenses.

Moreover, live streams make an event accessible to the audience whom a brand wouldn’t reach otherwise. Anyone can join the event remotely with good internet connectivity.

There are no longer limited geographical or size constraints. The only limitation is the server capacity for good live streaming. Be sure to contact great services of event production in Singapore for a live stream.

3. Ease Of Working

Well, some people say that live streaming is difficult to conduct without technical knowledge. But with the help of the right event production companies, the task seems easier.

Make sure you have appropriate audio and video equipment, an encoder, a reliable streaming platform, and great connectivity. Well, many event production firms offer their own equipment. So, with professionals, streaming becomes seamless and easy to reach a broader audience. 

4. Less Distractions 

If there are less distracting elements, it enhances the viewer’s experience. Also, it helps the event planners or organizers to focus more dedicatedly.

In an in-person event, the disturbance level increases due to the crowd and other crew. And you can totally change the scenario with live streaming unless there are no third-party logos or unrelated advertisements. 

Try to make the screen clear and not disturb the vision of viewers with unnecessary ads. You can show sponsors or sponsored ads, either in break time or before and after an event. 

5. Cost Effective

Well, cost-effectiveness is a major perk that attracts brands and audiences too. Streaming saves money for the audience as well as hosts. As the entire event goes online, so it is considered a cost-effective solution than a live in-person event. 

For Participants

Well, the attendees have many benefits from the live streaming events. It includes:

  • No extra time for traveling
  • Reduce expenses of ticket booking (flight, train, or cabs)
  • Accessibility
  • Even available for remote audiences

For Hsts or Organizers

On the other hand, if we consider the organizers, they too have advantages. It consists:

  • No venue costs
  • There is no need for booking rooms for speakers
  • No accommodations are needed for online guests
  • No chaos in the event venue

Organizers just need to spend on technology and high internet connectivity. So, no catering, waiters, decorators, or other vendors are required. The best part is that streaming has easy-to-use features. It means you don’t have to hire a developer or other additional help. Mostly, the event production team solves technical and other streaming problems.  

6. Reliable Content Delivery

Most professional streaming solutions partner with powerful content delivery networks (CDNs). 

CDN: A CDN is a collection of servers placed strategically across different geographic regions. Partnering with powerful CDNs does more than avoid lagging and quality issues. It helps you to ensure reliable content delivery to viewers both near and far.

Furthermore, hiring a professional live streaming service provider will allow you to send your content anywhere in the world. And this benefit can’t be accessed in an in-person event.

Remember, there are some countries where live streaming is banned. In this case, you need signed papers/documents from an authority (specific nation’s government). That is why it is better to select a firm that already has the same experience and can deal with legal work too. 

7. Acceptable To Any Device

Now, this is the best feature of live streaming events. There is no limitation on devices to join an event. They can use any device, either laptop or computer (Windows, MAC, anything), and also phones or tablets. The only thing that is required is a video link or an application (if available).  

8. Tracking The Success Of An Event 

Well, live streaming is good to provide on-demand videos to the viewers. You can use them to increase brand followers and impress potential customers. Also, video content promotes brand awareness.

As you know, if you are conducting an in-person event mistakes happen, but if we consider live streaming, you can pre-record videos and edit them accordingly. So, there will be fewer chances of mistakes. In addition, Q&A sessions, live polls, and chat make an event look more like an in-person event.

9. Track The Real-Time Performance

Whatever the purpose of an event, it’s important to track the success of a live-stream event. Most professional service providers are equipped with tracking tools. And it helps them to evaluate the success of a live event.  

The tracker helps to review relevant metrics such as engagement, behaviors, and viewer numbers. Also, this data is helpful for identifying the audiences.  

Last Words

As we have mentioned above, the ability of live streaming with integrations can easily elevate the broadcasting experience. There are different types of streaming, such as conferences, private events, webinars, etc. All these are conducted to enhance attendees’ experience and knowledge.

Are you ready to conduct a live stream event? Well, we really hope you have got the required information from our guide.


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