The 5 Biggest Changes In SEO That Are Hurting Your Results

Year after year, the best strategies for search engine optimization develop. Any business that doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of a new algorithm or big search engine change must keep up to date on the newest trends and developments to understand their potential impact, as agency professionals know all too well.

Knowing what’s coming down the pipeline can help a company prepare custom SEO services and avoid penalties or a significant decline in its site’s ranking. Therefore after a detailed analysis, we have curated the key SEO changes that are likely to impact how firms market and advertise online this year to reach their target audiences.

Creating low-quality links

Buying backlinks is simple, quick, and inexpensive. There are a plethora of SEO firms that will build a slew of links for you. They can build up a few dozen links referring directly to the pages you select in a week or two. However, this could be disastrous for your website, especially if the following is true:

  • The linking site is penalized.
  • The DA of the linked site is low.
  • In a short period of time, you receive a huge number of such links.

Many SEO firms’ bread and butter has always been and continues to be link building. Any SEO benefit from link building, on the other hand, is contingent on the authority and validity of the site delivering the links.

Site with duplicate content

Duplicate content is defined as “substantive blocks of content inside or across domains that either completely matches or are significantly similar to other content.”

If you’ve just updated your site’s content and a significant amount of it is duplicated, it can hurt your site’s results.

If you have added new pages to your site and the material on those pages is mostly identical to the content on other pages on your website (including the H1 tags or title), that could be deemed duplicate content.

Wrongly used robots.txt, noindex tag & nofollow attribute

Some crucial technical flaws are overlooked by webmasters, which might have a significant impact on current rankings. The inappropriate use of the noindex tag, robots.txt file, and nofollow attribute are three concerns.

For example, your web developer may have accidentally included a noindex tag to one of your critical pages that ranks well in search results. What’s the end result? The webpage is removed from the search results. A similar scenario can happen with robots.txt, where a single line of code might prevent search engines from indexing your site, causing all of your site’s rankings to plummet all at once.

Utilizing the nofollow attribute on your site’s internal pages will directly influence the page ranking and lower your site’s rankings.

Increased local competition

Growth in local competition can have a detrimental impact on your website’s rankings. Let’s pretend you own a bakery in New York, and there are no other bakeries in the vicinity. It would be simple for you to maintain your position atop the local search results. However, if two new bakeries open in New York, your competition will rise, resulting in a drop in rankings.

Another example is that an old Dothan bakery suddenly launched a new Google My Business account and invested in internet marketing to outrank you in local search results.

No mobile friendliness & voice search

A website that is not mobile-friendly may be pushed down the ranks by Google, which is always looking for methods to improve the user experience, and a responsive website is the first step toward that goal. As a result, Google has switched to a mobile-first index, which means it now ranks websites based on their mobile version of content rather than the desktop version.

Voice search and mobile sites go hand in hand. If you still don’t have a mobile-friendly, responsive website, you will likely lose your existing search ranks.


At times, SEO can be exasperating. Google’s algorithm is continuously being tweaked in one way or another. Some are significant, while others are insignificant. However, persistent tinkering frequently leads to speculation. This supposition gives rise to rumors, which in turn give rise to persistent myths.

That’s why I decided to address some of the most popular SEO techniques that are actually pretty ineffective.

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