Taking Proper Care Of Your Suit Jacket

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You spent a good deal of money on that fancy suit jacket, and now it’s your favourite clothing item, bar none! You want it to last a long time, but how do you take care of it properly? Like any clothing item, daily use creates wear and tear on even the highest quality clothing. A suit jacket requires regular maintenance, so let’s take a look at what you can do to keep it looking good for years to come.

Steam – No matter how careful you are, your suit jacket is going to get some wrinkles. It’s easier to wrinkle some suit fabrics than others, but none of them are immune. To keep your favourite suit jacket looking fresh and pressed, we recommend you acquire the best steam iron station in Australia, this is sure to do the trick! You and your suit jacket will look great and be wrinkle-free!

Use A Clothes Hanger – When you get home from a busy day at work or a fancy night on the town, or wherever you wear your suit jacket, you are tired and it’s so easy just to throw it over a chair back, or leave it lying on the bed. This might be all right once in a while, but over time it’s liable to deform the jacket’s shape so that it no longer fits you correctly. If you take a moment to hang the jacket up properly in the closet most of the time it will add years to its life. Most high-quality garments come with a specific hanger that is designed to support it, use that instead of a cheap wire hanger that isn’t much better than a chair back!

Read the Care Tag – Who actually does this? People who want to keep their expensive suit looking its best for years, that’s who! Most high-quality garments like suit jackets and prom dresses come with a care tag, which is there to teach us the proper way to launder and maintain the item. The tag is sewn discreetly in place on the inner lining of your suit jacket. If you really love that jacket you will take a moment to locate that tag and follow its instructions! Dry Cleaning – This is the most important maintenance action for suit jackets. Quality suit jackets are not designed to be machine washable, and if you do so the things it does to your fancy jacket will make you look like a jolly swagman the next time you wear it, and you might as well add a cork hat to the ensemble! The dry cleaning process utilizes chemicals to clean garments and remove stains, but never, ever water, hence the term “dry”. Moreover, dry cleaning never uses tumble washing machines, as doing so will utterly ruin it. Dry cleaning is performed whilst the suit jacket is hanging. Another thing in favour of dry cleaning is you can actually claim a deduction from the Australian government for it!


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