Take Your Family to these Off-Beat Places while in Chengdu Day Tour This Summer

Do you love to binge on Sichuan Hot Pot, Kung Pao Chicken, or Mapo Tofu? And do you consider a giant panda as your spirit animal? Or, the historical artifacts always attract your attention? In any case, if you are looking for all these things in one city, Chengdu is the name to remember. Over the past years, this city in Sichuan has gained recognition globally. Instead of mingling in the hustle-bustle of big cities like Beijing or Hong Kong, Chengdu is for some peace and quiet.

Leaving some giant holiday destinations like Male, Athens, and Ulan Bator behind, Chengdu has a thriving status in the industry. It is the capital of Sichuan and provides myriad of traveling opportunities to the travel and tourism industry. There is a giant panda base that garners much-attention to tourists all over the world. Now if your heart desires to witness the famed places, know what Chengdu day tour has in its bag.

Experience the Unbelievable: Leshan Giant Buddha

Known as the largest stone Buddha statue in the whole world, Leshan Giant Buddha is now a UNESCO Heritage Site. It is a work pure genius because the face is carved out of a cliff. The statue is 71-metres tall and portrays a seated Maitreya Buddha position. Located in confluence of Qingyi, Dadu, and Minjiang rivers, the statue was not damaged by the earthquake in 2008. The project was started in the 8th century because of bringing peace to the turbulent waters. With the course of time, there may be signs of degradation but Leshan Giant Buddha is still a pride of the southern part of Sichuan.

Witness the Past: Jinsha Site Museum

Extended over 38,000 square meters, this museum protects archeological findings of China. Unlike other sites in the country, here you can find an amazing collection of concentrated and unearthed ivory, jade and gold. Jinsha Site Museum is situated 50 km away from Chengdu. The rich history of this remarkable discovery site dates back to 5000 years ago. Apart from seeing the ancient tools or elephant tusks, you can experience the cultural heritage of China. There is Ebony Forest where rare trees have been buried. If you are a fan of historical relics, you can get the most out of a day in Guangyuan city.

Treasure of Sichuan: Dujiangyan Irrigation System

This is the oldest surviving irrigation system which provides water resources around 50 cities. The design might have been implemented 2000 years ago but it is a wonder of Chinese science. If you visit the site, you can get a wide knowledge of water division, flood discharge, and current control. Also, you can learn how the irrigation system transformed plain land of Chengdu into a fertile one. There is Anlan Rope Bridge which is situated in Dujiangyan Fish Mouth. Among the famous five bridges of China, it is one of them. In 2000, this place has also been acknowledged as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site.

After traveling to different places in the city, you can still make time for the giant panda tours. Panda travel Chengduis the finest one in the town and now you can book your tickets online!

Author bio: Emma Anderson is a popular blogger who has posted a full guide on panda travel Chengdu on her blog recently. Here, she is talking about the top off-beat places to visit during the Chengdu day tour to make beautiful memories.

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