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RecordCast Screen Recorder – Free And Easy To Use Tool Without Downloading Any Program

Sometimes you may want to make some computer software operation teaching for others, but how to record the screen? This requires the cooperation of some recording tools. If you don’t want to install any software, this time, we will introduce an online screen recording tool called RecordCast Screen Recorder, which is free of download and 100% free of charge. The recorded videos can also be edited and converted online, which is very convenient.

There are a sufficient number of screen recording tools on the marketing. I choose RecordCast just due to I prefer free, easy-to-use, simple, and easy-to-handle software. Besides the computer screen, I can record my webcam too, and the recorded video can be modified directly with its built-in video editor.

Features of RecordCast Screen Recorder

  1. Free to access all features
    You don’t have to pay for this tool to record your screen and edit your recording, saving you a lot of money. Dissimilar to numerous other screen recorder programming with loads of advertisements and verdant watermarks, this application has no such limitations.
  2. No downloading
    It’s a completely online service, so that you don’t need to worry about the risk of installing any launcher, application or even a plugin on a PC or laptop or browser. Just open the website. You can fully control it for free.
  3. Flexible recording settings
    RecordCast has the ability to record both your camera and your computer screen at the same time. Besides, you can freely select the area for recording and devices to add your voice-over to your video.
  4. A built-in video editing tool
    It provides users with an easy-to-use video editor. After the screen recording process is completed, you can edit the video directly using its built-in video editing tools available in RecordCast.
  5. Fast and proficient
    Considering CPU use and memory allocation, it is much lighter than many other desktop screen recording programmings. It works fast when recording my computer screen and editing the video. I love its fast speed and production process.

How to use RecordCast Screen Recorder?

RecordCast is a web tool. Users can use it on many browsers like Google Chrome,‎Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc. I always use it on Google Chrome to perform screen recording.

  1. Choose a mode for recording
    First, enter the RecordCast website with Chrome and select Start Recording. Users can choose from three recording modes, namely Screen + Webcam, Screen Only and Webcam Only.
  2. Audio recording setting
    Chrome will display a permission request, and the user can click “Allow” to let it use your recording device. Here you are allowed to add sounds from your microphone, allow only system sounds, or use both. Surely, you can disable all of the sounds according to your needs.
  3. Decide on a recording area
    There are three modes for video recording, namely the entire screen, a specific program window, and a selected browser tab.

With the entire screen recording mode, you can capture every activity details that happens on your computer.

When using the application window mode, you will focus on the scope of an application or selected program to record.

If you choose the browser tab, here I choose a Chrome tab. It will allow you to record everything in the tab without recording the other areas on the computer screen.

4. Recording begins

Once the settings of your recording are decided well, the recording is beginning. Here you are able to pause your recording when you don’t want to record the screen and continue it where you want to keep on the recording.

You can also back to the setting page to reset the settings or even re-start your recording from the beginning.

5. Edit recording

After recording, you can scroll or move freely and press “Stop” to finish your video recording. The video will be displayed immediately, and the user can watch it online or download it to the computer in WEBM format directly.

You can easily insert still and animated text and change the text size, font, color, position in the video. If you want to add images, video clips and music, it’s also available in the RecordCast video editor. Once uploaded, you can split, delete, copy/paste the elements flexibly.

6. Download recording

Users can also perform simple editing online and then select Export to output in mp4 format. You are free to select the video resolution from 480p, 720p, 1080p. All of the resolutions are free.

Final opinion

We can say that RecordCast is an ideal website for online instructors or teachers recording online courses on the web. The tool can be utilized with no specialized technical knowledge as it is not difficult to use because of its superb UI. The best thing I think is that it is totally free.


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