New Technology That Impacts March Madness Betting

Betting on March Madness has been going on for decades, but this type of betting is now much more advanced. Just as technology has improved many aspects of modern life, the same can be said for online sports betting.

Technology just continues to improve every single year, and that will only make the March Madness betting experience that much more enjoyable. Some new technology might not even be noticeable to the average better, but it’s always there and working in the background.

This technology will continue to improve, making all online sports betting a much better experience. Here are some of the top ways technology has improved March Madness wagering.

Register From Home

Perhaps the biggest reason for betting online is that you can sign up for an account without ever leaving your home. If you are planning on betting from home, it’s a huge benefit to create an account without doing any traveling.

Technology has allowed this to occur, and security measures are also used to ensure that none of your personal information gets stolen. This is a huge benefit to the bettor, and it’s only possible because of technological advances.

Geolocation Services

After you have registered from an account, each online sportsbook still needs to ensure that you are legally allowed to place a bet. Sportsbooks only know where you are by using geolocation services to track your physical location.

If these geolocation services were not available, then states would not legally offer online wagering. This might seem like a hassle at times, but you should thank these companies for allowing you the opportunity to bet.

Live Stream of Games

Online sportsbooks provide betting options, but most now offer live streaming of sporting events. If you are traveling and can’t find a television, you will still be able to access a live stream and follow certain events.

Sportsbooks use the technology that is used to offer live television to offer live streaming of sporting events. This is an added feature, but it is only made possible by enhancements and advancements in technology.

Live Betting Odds More Accurate

Live or in-play betting is another popular option with sports bettors, and this is only made possible because of advancements in technology. Live betting is done in real-time, and you are going to see odds come and go pretty quickly.

Some states now require sportsbooks to use official league data when setting live betting odds, and that data has to be sent quickly. The sites with the best tech and data teams will have the best live betting odds, and will have those odds available much quicker.

Better Banking Options

Before you ever place a bet at an online sportsbook, you are going to have to make a deposit to get some money in your account. Using a credit card used to be one of the only options when it came time to make a deposit, but that is no longer the case.

Some of the best banking options now include those that are in your e-wallet, and it’s all technology that makes this possible. PayPal has become a popular deposit method at an online sportsbook and there is plenty of technology that allows that money to be sent back and forth.

Same Game Parlays Available

One of the newest betting options to become available is what is known as a same game parlay. All of the top sportsbooks will now have this option available, and improvements in technology have allowed this to happen. Sportsbooks now use data and tech providers that can allow for parlays to be built from just one game. If you are planning on making a same game parlay wager during March Madness then you can thank technology for making it happen.


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