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Innovative Web Design Trends for 2023

  1. Personalization

There are many circulating trends this year, but the most impactful and biggest personalization. Websites that can successfully gives site membership to their viewers a personal experience. It gives 15 times more successful than those that don’t based upon retention and revisit metrics. Personalization is the most impactful because it gives the website visitor the chance to feel like they are appreciated by the brand, valued by the brand and understood by the brand.

2. Incorporating Video

Users want instant gratification; web design is going to start shifting mostly towards incorporating video in 2021. Users not regularly read content, instead they scan it. If you have large blocks of text, it’s going to intimidate your audience. They will get leave and discouraged. Most consumers these days prefer video to text and images. It provides them with the information they need quickly and easily. That is why we directly see many industry leaders utilizing both forms of media. Video is also mainly going to describe a large role in marketing for 2021. It is being able to distribute video content will be crucial in increasing brand awareness.

3. 3D Design

  • 3D design is one of the full trends to gain popularity. 3D modeling programs are most user friendly than they are in the past.
  • The reason behind it becoming trendy is put simply, the visual ‘wow factor’. With added fluorescent color seen in neo-futuristic design back in the 1980s, you end up with a vibrant and energetic composition adding a new personality to a web page.
  • This is what we think will differentiate 3D design from others in 2021.

4. Parallax animation

We have witnessed the increasing popularity of web-based animation rapidly from micro interactions to particle backgrounds. Web animations are going to be the most complex through the separation of page elements into foreground and background extremes or as creating a parallax effect in 2021.

5. Designs based on preference

Design based preference including navigation to offering content custom-tailored, a toggle between dark/light mode and other ways of changing a site’s appearance.

New design algorithms and practices making the internet more user-centered and less of a passive user experience. The future will bring even more of a focus tastes of those navigating through websites and meeting the needs.

6. Audio

Audio is attaching part of a design which removes accessibility barriers for those with visual impairments. It has also beneficial for those who want to listen to a different variety of text on a website.

The New York Times does the best work of providing accompanying audio to some of their featured articles. 

We are hoping to see more audio options on websites in the future. It also gives people a choice in how they want to experience content.

7. Horizontal scrolling

Horizontal scroll is having a comeback by previously regarded as a web design faux-pas.

We are seeing more web designers continuing to experiment with horizontal scroll. 

Designers employing horizontal scroll successfully in 2021 will keep in touch with these points:

  • Users have to allow alternate ways to navigate, like arrow buttons with clear labels
  • Be decidable about what content would benefit from being displayed in a horizontal scroll. A photo gallery is a good contender as horizontal scroll would show users a small preview. It allows them the option to view more or keep moving down the page.

On our own Designer feature page, we have used a small amount of horizontal scroll. It can zoom in on a large image and show more relevant bits of the image at a large size. It can also fulfill the relevant content.  

8. Scroll Effects

Parallax scrolling created a buzz in 2011. It continues with the buzz. Horizontal scrolling, fast forward to today, implementing transitions across sections and scrolling continues to excite with zooming in or out of images.

9. Organic Design for Inspired Websites

Organic design is fast becoming a trend. It is decided by the powers of nature the organic world around; organic design inspires the web world also. Very often websites are heavily focused on organic textures, earthy colors and natural shapes.

10. Material Design

Google launched the Material Design idea, an all-new style language that uses movement, depth and shadow effects to create a more realistic design.

With its best look, Material Design has a lot in common with flat design. However, It makes use of shadow to give more depth when compared to flat design.

While material web design project seems limited to app design, Google announced Material Design Lite which is more similar for websites. It uses JavaScript, Vanilla CSS and HTML to add the look of Material Design to websites.

11. Typography

One of the major ignored aspects of the web continues to be typography. If done correctly, typography can give life into your site. Customized typography can put a focus on your brand’s unique selling proposition, While fonts can be downloaded from the web.

12. Rich Animations

Animations are now being used actively. Creating a good user experience and taking the site’s interactivity to the best new level. Simply push animation and you can’t go overboard with this method and on any part of the site.

Big animations can be used as a primary interaction tool with the ability to create a deep impact on users with different types such as pop-up notifications and parallax scrolling. On the other side, small scale animations include loading bars, spinners and hover tools.

13. Augmented reality (AR) experiences

With multimedia experiences, augmented reality is one of the major trends. New technologies software and the WebXR API made by Wayfair technologies. It has opened this realm up for almost everybody.

For those who are beginner in dealerships, this makes for a pressure and breezy free experience. It helps to sell their products, and also empower potential customers in the buying process.

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