How to Scale Your Digital Business Traffic with PR Distribution?

This is the age of digitalization. Actually, we’d like to call it post-digitalization, because when you can see your doctor on your computer screen, it’s far too late to call it just digitalization. And now, since the medical community is now bracing for the impact of the digitalization of their profession, let’s talk about something that’s been digitized for a long time now: the humble marketplace. The days of rummaging through shops are far behind everybody; its time now to take it online, go digital. Scroll mindlessly through the pages at Amazon until you find something; welcome to the 21st century, where digital business is all the rage, and now traffic is not just something that spoils your daily commute. And most of all, press releases are still one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of marketing. Here’s how to scale your digital business traffic with press release distribution.

But first things first. Digital business or online businesses rely on a lot of things other than just good marketing. Considering that the storefront has now changed into a landing page, a lot of what attracts the customer to come to your website comes from within. For instance, to further support this point, consider this: would a customer order Taco Bell online if the website or the application was bugged up and lagged every time you tried to do something? No, nobody would. So, while marketing is an important and crucial aspect of business in the digital age, so is introspective changes and betterments that come from the organization itself. Now, onto the question of press release distribution and how can it help you scale your digital business traffic.

Marketing- the lifeblood of a business

The key to business is repeat business, and you cannot build new business without marketing. It’s as simple. There is a specific reason why conglomerates and multinational corporations like Coke, Microsoft, Apple focus so heavily on marketing, be it the conventional style or the digital style. Their budgets and advertising revenues are what fund the multimillion-dollar marketing companies, and they then reap the benefits from having a vast outlook.

Now, we progress onto press releases. Let’s rewind the time back to when Apple launched the iPhone 13. Aside from their usual keynote address, there was a slew of articles and tech reviews all pointing towards what was new, what colour was introduced, and how it wasn’t so much different than the outgoing model. And feeding all this frenzy, which of course, every publication linked back to, was the press release Apple had launched at the time of the introduction of the newest iPhone, which gets us two things: the first is that press releases are not dead yet, they’re still going strong. Secondly, press releases are still one of the most cost-efficient and preferred method of marketing there is; just ask Apple. If they can trust this medium to feed information to the rest of the world about its iPhone, your product is the next one to benefit from it.

Building digital business traffic with press releases

So, we get back to the old question. How can you actually scale your digital business traffic with press release distribution? The answer is pretty simple: again, consider the case of the iPhone 13. More and more people are now beginning to ditch the keynote address, especially since 2011. The showmanship just isn’t there anymore. So, to keep up with the latest, press releases were used by Apple consistently to drive digital traffic towards their website, allowing people to pre-order and even catch a few performance glimpses of the newest iPhone. Take this same model, and apply it to literally any other business. If you have a website with an ‘Order Now’ button, you stand to benefit from press release distribution as a rule. Now onto the how part.

Attracting digital business traffic in this era is equally easy and difficult. With modern search engine optimisation practices, content marketing and whatnot, routing the bulk of the internet traffic towards your website is easy. Getting all these marketing tactics right and the SEO part just spot on is difficult, but luckily, we have professionals that deal with it and guarantee the results. Press release distribution utilises all these modern tools; search engine optimisation (SEO), content marketing and digital advert placement on high traffic websites alongside proper backlinking that help drive traffic towards your website, allowing you to rank your website better. Or simply getting more traffic on your website, which means: more traffic equals more leads equals more sales. So, this is how press release marketing indirectly affects your sales. The better your campaign, the better the results will pour in.

Press release distribution for digital businesses

The inclusion of modern digital marketing practices in press release distribution has allowed it to not just stay relevant, but also become a digital marketing powerhouse, all the while rebranding itself as one of the most cost-efficient ways to marketing and getting your word across the world. In a global village, this 21st-century iteration of the word-of-the-mouth strategy works far quite well; services and distribution platforms of today promise huge numbers for a fraction of the price of what a normal television campaign would cost you; radio is now just archaic and a dying breed, if not dead already. The future, it seems, is for the digital marketing practices, and at the helm is press release distribution.

Digital and online businesses are all the rage nowadays. From Amazon to that local seller with a makeshift website that takes all eternity to load up, these are all examples of digital businesses, and as you can see around you, they are fast catching up to the brick-and-mortar establishments around us. So, a press release campaign of today is the marketing equivalent of a big billboard at the town entrance; except that you’re not restricted with things like physical boundaries, distances and the restrictions that come with having a physical establishment in a part of a town. In a post-pandemic world, this is the way to go, and we’re here for it.

As retailers and big corporations gear up for the online marketplace, advertising and marketing has also gone digital. Press release marketing for digital businesses work in the same way that newspaper and TV adverts did back in the day; they increased your visibility and standing among the absolute sea of businesses and competition around. However, with the advent of the word digital and online, now you can wave goodbye to misery of only having locals come to your shop and the occasional town drifter or vacationers. With a website, you can cater to the whole world, as Amazon has proved. With global shipping, a guy sitting in Japan can order something from good old Detroit, and a month later, boom. The Mustang is now in his driveway. All thanks to digital marketing.

Selecting the PR distribution service for optimal traffic

Like every good marketing firm, there are press release distribution services that stand out from the rest and then there are the ones that are just passable. It’s your decision; you want to go with the better one and shell out a few more bucks, or do you want something that is easy on the good ole’ wallet and only gets you the bare minimum. However, with press release distribution, there’s no such thing as the expensive option. There’s a reason why many call it the most cost-efficient digital marketing tool on the market right now. Because compared to the absurd costs of having your campaign run on TV or paying a high traffic website to display your ad, you let the PR distribution company worry about it. And boy do they get their best minds on it.

To start off, press releases cost less than a conventional marketing campaign. There are loads of examples; iCrowdNewswire’s ReleaseLive has a packaged deal that gets you the most bang for your buck. Similarly, many other companies promise a certain number of impressions and views for a fraction of the price, making it pretty feasible. What’s more, with geographic targeting and the modern practices of determining the market audience, your press release distribution campaign will only show up to the desired market segment, so there’s no adverts or money being squandered like on TV. Buck for buck, the press release marketing model has proven itself to be way more efficient and result-oriented than other methods. That’s because it’s the amalgam of the best of what the past and the present and the future has to offer; the distribution and speed of the internet, coupled with the reliability and surefootedness of the humble press release.

The end results?

In closing, if your goal is scaling your digital business traffic, then a press release campaign is the most balanced way to go about it. It promises all the results and the distribution capabilities of a digital marketing campaign, coupled with the reliability of a digital press release, and you’re bound to hit your traffic goals in the shortest amount of time possible. With modern practices like SEO, backlinking and contemporary digital marketing practices, the press release method is not just good for now, it’s the way ahead. With a good campaign running in tandem, the traffic towards your website will achieve its optimal number thanks to the market penetration and distribution of the digital press release distribution. If we may put it so bluntly, it’s the ultimate digital marketing tool for online businesses to drive traffic to their websites, all the while not breaking the bank.


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