How to Plan a Europe Tour

Europe is a fairytale castle, a paradise for hikers, Mediterranean sunsets and a voyage through history that builds the present world. Europe is all about enigmatic natural beauty, epic history, dazzling artistic monuments, diverse culinary and mystique cultures. The birthplace of some of the world’s greatest philosophers Greece, splendid attractions of London that has been the epicenter of many great historical events of the world, the graceful canals of Venice, the love city Paris that gave birth to the rise of France revolution, the Alps of Switzerland, the renaissance of Florence, Europe is a place that has always been so enticing for the travelers from the other continents of the world. Every avid traveler’s travel bucket list is incomplete without a Europe tour. Who doesn’t love to fall in love with the panoramic horizons, audacious nightlife, fashionable trends, spectacular snow-capped mountains, tall skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, rich history?

Making a plan to explore the charismatic beauty of Europe is both daunting and overwhelming. A trip to Europe may cost a lot of money- sufficient to bleed your pocket, and at the same time to plan your Europe itinerary requires a lot of amount of time and efforts. Without a proper planning, you cannot cover all the beautiful cities within a short period of time. If you are planning for a 10days visit to Europe and within this period of time, you want to include London, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Switzerland then it won’t be possible for you to cover all these cities. So, here we will know how to plan a perfect Europe tour. Buckle up.

Decide your destinations

First, make a list of places you want to visit and get an idea of approximate days it may take to cover the places you have chosen to explore.  Once you get an idea about it you can further go ahead with your itinerary and start packing for your trip.

Prepare your documents

When you are traveling from one nation to another, you must possess a passport and a valid visa. Before booking your flight ticket or hotel room, make sure, you hold a passport that has minimum six months of validity and apply for a visa for the countries you are traveling to in Europe. Once you get the visa, you are ready to fly away.

Make a budget for your trip

You can still enjoy your trip to Europe without having a lot of money. But yeah, before flying to your dream destination, make a budget. From booking flight ticket, hotel rooms, local transport expenditure, food, shopping, sightseeing or entry fees of museums or other tourist spots, you have to add everything. Knowing how much you can stretch your purse strings will influence your Europe trip a great deal. Once you get an estimated idea of your budget, it will determine how many days you can stay in Europe.

Make the necessary bookings

Book your flight ticket from an online international flight booking portal for good discounts on your flight ticket and book a hotel in the cities you are going to spend nights. In case, you are backpacking the trip and have a limited budget, instead of a hotel you can opt for a hostel. There are many hostels in European cities that allow travelers to spend their nights at a very reasonable and cheap rate. If you are traveling for a short period of time and wish to spend your nights in traveling from one city to another, you can choose trains or flights, and in that case, you don’t have to waste your money for lodging. But remember, taking rest is also very important, since nobody likes to get bedridden during a trip that too in a foreign land.

Get a travel insurance

Insurance is something, which is very important but has always been overlooked by us. But having a travel insurance makes sure, you are not going to be isolated or bankrupt if anything goes wrong during your trip. It includes your medical emergency, thieving, flight compensation (in case of flight boarding denied or cancelled) and other such travel related emergencies.

You can contact a travel guide to enjoy your European trip. Once you are done with everything, you are ready to travel to the world’s most magnificent continent.

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