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How to Keep Your Rainwater Tank Bendigo Healthy and Efficient?

Buying a rainwater tank and installing it in your house is one of the easiest ways to harvest water that you can later use for various household chores. Available in diverse sizes, shapes and colour options once installed properly, it will offer you various benefits. In the era, while water crisis is a huge problem, saving water should be the goal of every human being and the easiest and eco-friendly way to do so and that too without investing much is to purchase a rain water tank for you.

However, only installing rain water tanks are not enough. Even high-quality rain water tanks Bendigo will not last long if you don’t maintain it on a regular basis. Are you wondering how to keep your rainwater tank healthy and efficient? Follow these tips.

Keep the gutters clean

Any contaminates in the gutters have a high chance of being washed through the system. It can come in the form of leaves, dirt, branches and even fecal matter from local birds and wildlife. Installing mesh will minimise the number of leaves and branches that enter the gutters. Regular cleaning will take care of the rest of the things.

Be cautious of blockages

Blockages are another important thing that you need to be careful of. By cleaning the gutters on a regular basis, the chance of blockages, which disrupt the water flow, is greatly reduced. However, they can still arise from unforeseen circumstances. Being an alert homeowner, you should be very careful of gutters, which overflow when it rains. It is because this is a tell-tale sign that there is a blockage in the guttering.

Keep the mosquitoes out

Water tanks are the breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests to set up nests. While it is all well and good to have a mosquito mesh protecting the tank, you need to inspect the mesh on a daily basis. The mesh can deteriorate over time, so it is vital to check that it is still intact.

Check filters frequently

Filters can be applied to rainwater catchment systems to prevent some contaminates from entering the storage tank. These filters will be fine enough to pass water through, however, it can become restricted over time when contaminates build up. Regular cleaning or replacement of the filters makes sure that the water will flow unimpeded.

Keep pumps in working order

Any piece of equipment, which has moving parts, will need regular maintenance, water pumps are no exception. Keeping pumps in working order makes sure that the right pressure is maintained throughout the system, allowing the water to easily get to where it is wanted.

Clean the pump professionally

Even with filters equipped, sediment will still make its way into the bottom of the rainwater tank. This sediment will turn to mire over time and can become a reproduction ground for bacteria.  The department of health recommends inspecting the tanks for sludge after every two to three years and professionally cleaned in case the bottom of the tank is full of sediment.

So, if you have already bought a tank from one of the reputable companies that offer rain water tanks Victoria, keep these tips in mind and apply these to maintain the tank and enjoy its functionality for a long time.

Author bio: George Harish is a dealer of rain water tanks Victoria.  He has penned this article down to point out how to maintain your rain water tanks Bendigo.

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