How to Create an Infographic for Your Blog with DesignCap: No Design Skills Needed

Infographic image is an easy and engaging way to get your ideas into great visual content sources. These illustrations make your pages productive and go a long way toward reducing bounce rates, ultimately increasing your Google rankings. This post will talk you how to create an infographic without requiring any special design skills.

Why use infographics?

Infographics make your content highly shareable and attract the visitors who come across, making them stay longer on your page. Infographics support your SEO efforts, improve user engagement, reduce bounce rates, and increase social sharing on posts.

How to create an infographic in DesignCap?

In the past, you needed a tool like PhotoShop to create your infographic. But if you are not a technical person, it would be a great challenge to use PhotoShop. However, the emerge of drag and drop browser-based design tools makes this no longer a problem.

There are many great DIY infographic builders with the best options, such as Canva, Crello, FotoJet, Piktochart, etc. DesignCap Infographic Maker is probably the easiest-to-use tool, making it quick to create an infographic as well as other visual content.

DesignCap helps you design and download infographics in any file size and format (PDF, PNG, JPG). DesignCap also provides a library of built-in infographics, a variety of presentation types, and chart types.

Step 1. Choose a template

To build an infographic, first sign upa free account under DesignCap. You can use your email or Google or Facebook account to get an account. After you log in, choose the size of your final image. You can choose custom size or choose from one of the pre-built infographic templates.

Step 2. Fill your information

After you’ve chosen a gorgeous template, it’s time to add your information into the design and change the fonts in the graphic. Browse the preset text fonts and choose one that fits the brand and content of your infographics. Use the standard text editing features to fill in the details of your infographics.Because the typeface is highly customizable, using specific fonts will affect your infographic. DesignCap allows you to upload your font from the computer as well.

Step 3. Add graphic element

Infographics are very useful because they use powerful images to convey essential data points. So make sure you are selecting relevant photos to show your information. DesignCap has classified its graphic elements into online stock photos, charts, shapes, modules, and icons. In the elements tab, you’ll find different types of icons. To give you a sense of diversity, we have created infographics using some of the elements available in DesignCap.

Click the element tab and use the search box provided to filter results. You see the style options available for each type. Just drag and drop the elements you like, resize them to fit your design by dragging the corners.

What makes the work very convenient is its chart tool. It allows you to import data to a type of chart directly from a file of CSV, XLS, and XLSX. You can set all the properties you want, such as the legend, value positions, color, etc.

If you want, choose an eye-catching background for your infographic. Click the background tab, and you will see colors and patterns organize options. Choose the one that fits your brand. Besides, DesignCap allows you to add a custom image as background. You can manually adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, opacity to get a sophisticated image background that matches your site’s style.

Step 4. Download your file

Once you’ve designed your infographic perfectly, click the download button and choose a format to download your design. Adjacent to that button is the sharing option. DesignCap lets you share Infographics on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

You can upload the infographic or even use the infographic URL produced by the tool to your blog posts and increase user engagement.


It is a quick guide that helps you learn how to create an infographic with DesignCap. This tool is super effective for creating compelling, usable designs that add value to your digital content. Tools like this, creating compelling blog posts, are affordable and straightforward.


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