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How to Blog on Facebook: Everything You Need to Know

Many bloggers have no idea regarding the direct blogging option provided by Facebook. They tend to use the platform simply to promote and support their existing work. But it’s important for any blogger to first learn about the pros and cons of Facebook blogging or any social media blogging. There are two popular ways of direct blogging through Facebook.

The first popular method is through Facebook posts. If you want to promote short and crisp blogs, then Facebook posts would be good enough. Again, if you want to post longer and more informative blogs for your reader, then you can go for Facebook Notes. It makes the reading of longer sentences easier for your audience.

Facebook Posts Blogging

Generally, people think that a blog means a piece of article that is long and informative as compared to other Facebook posts. But just as micro tales, we also have the concept of microblogging.

Popular microblogging platforms include Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It is essentially the practice of writing a short, crisp, and extremely focused write-up for the audience.

Any attractive visuals or eye-catching pictures or videos usually draws more audience on social media. Short blogs with focused content, small videos, and clear texts help in increasing engagement on Facebook.

People might go for microblogging on platforms like Facebook. But that does not mean longer blogs are a waste. Many bloggers produce content of 500-1000 words which also receives a good amount of engagement. Other bloggers usually envy them due to their content’s high amount of shares, likes, and reach.

You need to understand the requirements of your audience and what type of content they will feed on more. You can start by trying out different topics and experiment with the word count. You will easily understand what kind of content your followers expect coming from you.

Facebook Notes Blogging

Facebook Notes Blogging

Facebook Notes is a blog hosting application of the social platform which functions similar to popular hosting sites like Squarespace or WordPress. But Facebook Notes is pretty much underrated and should receive much more limelight amongst bloggers. It can create some blog posts as seen in other blogging applications.

The Facebook Notes option is usually inactive. So first you need to travel to the Page Settings of your Facebook page. Here on the left-hand side tab, you will find the template and tab option.

Clicking on it you will find several features out of which Notes will be one. Make sure you turn on this function to avail the Notes feature. Log in as the administrator of your page to start your content writing work.

Next, you need to navigate to the featured tabs section from the homepage. Different pages require different tools, so this section varies according to your page’s requirements.

If you have activated Notes following the previous steps then it should appear in this section. In case you don’t find it, click on More and it will be there. After clicking on Notes, the Add Note option should appear. All you need to do is click on it and a blank template will open for you to get started with your blog.

Formatting Blog Posts Of Facebook Notes

The user interface provided here is pretty easy to understand. There are three options of publishing, saving, or deleting the blog post. You may want to save a draft copy of the blog but do not wish to publish it. In that case, you should save it. A saved post can be edited multiple times and you can continue writing unless you feel confident enough to publish it.

You can also add images along with the blog content and title in Facebook Notes. The featured image that you choose should be an extraordinary and eye-catching one.

It is this image that will appear on your reader’s social feed and captivate them to read your post. 1200 × 445 pixels is approximately the dimensions for the featured image for Notes.

The formatting techniques provided are not robust but if examined properly, you can easily create beautiful blogs. Facebook Notes allow you to embed HTML codes for different videos and links from other sites.

You can also add extra images by clicking on the plus icon which is seen once you start typing. The paragraph and plus icon reveals all the other formatting options available.Features such as font size, italics, bold options, bulleted or numbered list are available once you click the paragraph icon.

The introduction to the blog should be very catchy and compelling so that people click on See More to view the entire blog. It is only a small introduction of your blog and the featured image that will appear on the reader’s feed.

Facebook Notes is a much less popular feature that the platform provides. So anytime Facebook may decide to take down the feature. It is highly advised for the blogger to keep a copy of all his Notes blog somewhere else.

Why Should You Start Blogging On Facebook?

Firstly, Facebook is currently one of the highest soaring social media outlets. Blogging over Facebook is free and it has an enormous user base. No one wants to miss the chance of getting their blogs showcased in front of such a huge user base and gain followers simply focus on the blog content without worrying much about the

With its easy user interface, Facebook blogging is simple to use and you can technicalities. Facebook allows your audience to stay on the platform itself without transferring them to any other sites. It automatically gives an advantage of visibility.

Disadvantages Of Direct Blogging Over Facebook

The formatting techniques provided are still not advanced and there are no tools for organizing your blog posts. It’s pretty hard to build your blogging brand name on Facebook as it does not provide any private opportunities. Making money by simply advertising on Facebook is also useless. Your website can help you earn better.

Optimization of the Search engine is not possible with Facebook blogs. Followers usually end up losing the original blogger because the blogs randomly appear in their feed and once gone it’s difficult to trace it back. A separate site is always much easier to find.

Traditional blogging or blogs with more than 300-500 words can be promoted over Facebook but hosting it completely on the platform is not at all popular. Facebook users are always looking for short and catchy content.

So the good traditional blog that you wrote might not find a great deal of respect here. Losing your content is yet another problem as Facebook might delete the blog if it’s explicit.


Facebook Blogging is a good place to start your blogging journey. But whether you wish to continue it, essentially depends on the blogging goals you possess. If you are committed to blogging as a part-time hobby then Facebook might be a good option.

In case you wish to earn from blogging, then having a completely personal and separate blog site is preferable. It will give you complete authority over your content and how you wish to design it.

Still, you can always use Facebook for promotion and increase user engagement. Occasionally, you can use Facebook Notes or Posting options for direct blogging.


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