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How to add WhatsApp on your WordPress website

What Are Some Options For Integrating WhatsApp With WordPress?

You may set up a WhatsApp WordPress connection in a number of different methods. To begin, add a simple button that allows people to share your articles through WhatsApp. I’ll teach you how to do it in two ways:

● A sharing bar that floats
● A standalone WhatsApp button

Many full-service social sharing plugins also enable WhatsApp in addition to these two ways. I won’t demonstrate this technique since we’ve previously discussed social sharing plugins, and such plugins aren’t unique to WhatsApp.

Apart from social sharing, you can also utilize WhatsApp to provide assistance to your visitors by allowing them to quickly initiate a WhatsApp chat with you.

Obviously, this isn’t appropriate for every website, but it’s a useful feature for business-oriented sites since it enables you to keep the discussion going even after a visitor departs.

I’ll teach you how to allow visitors to send you a WhatsApp message using the following method:

● This is a free plugin.
● WhatsApp’s official API

How to Implement a Floating WhatsApp Share Button on Your Mobile Site

You’ll know how to integrate a floating WhatsApp share bar to the mobile version of your site in this first option.

I searched around for a few other plugins and came upon the KN Mobile ShareBar plugin, which is completely free. It also has Facebook and Twitter buttons in addition to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, without delving into the plugin’s code, there doesn’t seem to be a method to deactivate this.

Your buttons will be active as soon as you install and activate the plugin:

When a visitor clicks the WhatsApp button, they’ll be taken straight to the WhatsApp API, where they can share the post with a pre-written message:

The plugin’s settings allow you to customize the pre-filled message. To do so, go to KN Mobile Sharebar Settings and edit the Whatsapp Text box as follows:

That’s everything there is to it! Please keep in mind that these share buttons will only be visible to mobile users. Additionally, if you’re currently using a social sharing plugin, you should test it on the mobile version of your site for any possible compatibility problems.

How to Add a WhatsApp Button to Your Phone

You can use the free Share Post On WhatsApp plugin if you want a solution that is solely focused on WhatsApp. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose the previous plugin’s handy floating bar functionality.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, all you have to do is go to Settings > Share Post on WhatsApp to enable the WhatsApp share button:

The only drawback is that, despite the fact that the button only works on mobile, the plugin will appear on both desktop and mobile versions of your site:

You can use CSS and media queries to fix this.

WhatsApp Share Button from Alex Moss is another free plugin that hides the button for desktop users. The plugin, however, hasn’t been updated in three years, so I’m hesitant to recommend it. However, when I ran it through some basic tests, it appeared to work.

What is the best way to integrate WhatsApp Live Chat into WordPress?

Aside from being able to share socially, another useful WhatsApp WordPress integration is using WhatsApp to chat with your visitors in a pseudo-live chat mode.

Because the live chat button merely starts the conversation, I say “pseudo.” You’ll need to continue the conversation via the WhatsApp UI after it’s begun.

I like the free WhatsHelp Chat Button plugin for adding a WhatsApp chat button to WordPress. After you’ve installed and activated the plugin, go to this external page to generate the button code:

Select WhatsApp as your messaging app and fill up the rest of the information on that screen. In the lower right, you may see a live preview:

When you’re done, go to the bottom of the page and type in your email address, then click Get Button Code. Then, in your WordPress dashboard, paste this code into the WhatsHelp tab:

In Facebook Ads, include a WhatsApp call-to-action.

Why not offer your customers the option of clicking on a chat welcome through Facebook advertising if they are frequent WhatsApp users? This is popular among WordPress design agency.

You must first connect your Facebook fan page to your WhatsApp account in order to add this option to your Facebook Ads Manager. This is simply accomplished by heading to your Facebook fan page > Page Settings > WhatsApp and entering your business phone number. You may now create a new campaign with the call-to-action “Send message on WhatsApp” after you’ve successfully connected.

By selecting Add a question and stating what you want to say to your new clients, you can even offer several choices for them. The insights into your customer’s wants or problems are only a touch away with this kind of ad!

On the landing page/post, create a custom click-to-chat button.

Assume you’re conducting a lead-generation campaign in which consumers must send you a WhatsApp message to get discount codes.

Instead of slapping ordinary coupons in front of potential customers, you can now integrate smart couponing by creating your own WhatsApp contact list and sending special coupons to those who message.

  1. In WordPress, create a custom button.
    To do so, use the Gutenberg editor to create a WhatsApp block. You can simply locate the block settings there and change your wording, button colour, and phone number to suit your campaign’s needs. Your article or page will look like this after it’s been published. Your website visitors will be enticed to touch the button since they will get the message immediately.
  2. Respond to people who contact you using that button automatically.
    Now that individuals are pinging you on that particular phone number, you can use the WhatsApp Business App to build up an automatic response to those messages. After you’ve downloaded the app to your smartphone, type in the phone number you’d want to use for this campaign. To access the Away message, go to Settings > Business tools > Away message. Select Custom schedule and provide a personalized message that includes a customized promo code. With this easy setup, everyone who contacts you throughout your campaign will get their vouchers as soon as possible. When the timetable is over, the WhatsApp Business app will immediately turn off your message. You can hire a WordPress developer if you find it difficult to implement these features.

Consumer requests on WooCommerce product pages may be segmented.

Here’s another way to improve the look of your WooCommerce single product pages. You may select a particular supporter to appear on product pages using this WooCommerce button. Ninjateam’s WhatsApp plugin has this functionality built in. So all you have to do is go to WhatsApp settings > WooCommerce button and make the necessary changes. You may turn it on, change the display position, and choose which agents to show.

Your support agent account will be presented in the order you choose on the front end. When you set the agent account to “Always accessible,” the button displays in the default green of WhatsApp or in the colour of your choice. Otherwise, it becomes grey, indicating that it is unavailable.

As a result, a deeper bond between your customers and your brand may be established!

Increase the size of your WhatsApp Business database

Many helpful tools for running your online shop are already included in the WhatsApp Business app.

Product Catalog

This function aids in the creation of a slick and practical display for your goods or flagship. When you want to share it with your WhatsApp groups and other circles, you may use the catalogued goods to make it easier.

Greeting Messages and Away Messages

As previously said, those message settings aren’t only for sending pleasantries to customers—they may also assist you improve your discount marketing approach!

Quick Answers

When you have a large number of messages to send during busy seasons or multichannel marketing initiatives, these shortcuts for long messages may save you a lot of time.


This provides you starting ideas on how to arrange your most essential assets: WhatsApp users and their chats, with default coloured labels for New client, New order, Pending payment, Paid, and Order complete. As a result, you’ll be able to look after them and locate the conversation information quickly when you need them.


Given that WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging programmed, it’s a fantastic method to provide fast access to potential consumers on a platform they’re already familiar with. A WordPress agency can easily integrate these features for you if you’re new to web and WordPress development.

With WhatsApp’s growth into online and mobile applications, there are a slew of WordPress plugins that may help you add click-to-WhatsApp capabilities to your site.

Furthermore, the flexible WhatsApp Company app has aided in the digitalization of your business. The WhatsApp Business app, which is backed by Facebook, has been designed with full-featured business capabilities for small to medium-sized companies, while the WhatsApp Business API promises to prepare big to enterprise-level businesses for mass messaging, automation, chatbots, and other techniques.

Have you set up a click-to-chat feature on WhatsApp? What are your thoughts on its capabilities, and do you want more features? Let us know what you think in the comments!


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