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Foundations to Grow Your Instagram Account

When everyone is talking about the secrets to boost an Instagram account, you shall focus on the basic optimizations for better growth in the future.

In this post, we’re gonna share with you the foundations you need to know and need to do before you use any growth hacks. Now let’s go.

Stay Away From Fake Followers

Instagram accounts with phony followers are very different from those with real ones. If you buy Instagram followers, you may always get fake followers. If one million of your followers are phony, you’re wasting your time with them and will see poor interaction on your profile as a result.

Many individuals have been duped into believing they are gaining real followers when they are not. Also, a few Bollywood stars have admitted to receiving a monetary payment for posing as their fans on Instagram. Never attempt to get fans by pretending to be someone you’re not.

A Great Bio

Do you have any idea what your company does? What kind of service do you provide to your customers? What are the specific services or products that you provide? These are just a few of the questions that a well-written bio will address. These accounts, however, may only respond to these inquiries with 150 characters.

Regardless, a strong bio will clarify to a customer what they stand to gain by purchasing their goods or following their Instagram account.

Additionally, good biographies for Instagram accounts make use of the account’s chosen keywords and hashtags. By doing this, the account will have a better chance of appearing in search results for the specified term.

Calls to action on Instagram profiles often direct visitors to a specific web page on a company’s website. It all comes back to links in Instagram bios now, doesn’t it?

A peculiarity of Instagram, apart from your stories, is that you can only visit a single link. This is a problem for most marketers since they have to run several Instagram ads and drive people to certain pages on their website.

Successful accounts have a standard practice of updating the links in their bio to correspond with the campaigns they are running. Then, in their Instagram postings, they’ll link to the relevant page.

Even though your Instagram bio is just 150 characters long, it has a significant impact on whether or not a user decides to follow and interact with your account.

Engage With Your Followers

Even though it seems self-evident, engaging with your community has a powerful effect. With this effective Instagram marketing strategy, you can establish stronger relationships with your free Instagram followers and other industry experts while also influencing Instagram’s algorithms in a favorable way! As a result, your postings may function better.

Responding to comments on your feed, check out other people’s profiles you like, and talking with individuals who follow you or use the same hashtags as you are all part of being social on the internet. It’s not simply sending an emoji of “hands in the air” that we mean by chatting. Respond with sincerity and authenticity to promote a better connection.

Promote Your IG Account Elsewhere

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when creating an Instagram marketing strategy is focusing only on one platform. The only place your Instagram campaign should exist is if you are actively promoting it there.

Using freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, or Evil marketplace to hire additional assistance and cross-posting material on several social networks and your company website will boost the number of people who view what you publish. You’re far more likely to succeed in your marketing effort if there are more people looking at it and taking an interest in it.

You may develop a following of individuals who might one day become brand ambassadors by promoting your IG content on other social media channels.

Make Use of the Hashtags Specific to Your Field

You may think of hashtags as directional signposts that point prospective consumers to your business’s Instagram page. In order for people to quickly discover and follow their interests, hashtags organize and display information. In comparison to posts without hashtags, those that do get greater interaction to receive more free Instagram likes and comments.

Make good use of the hashtags associated with your sector to get the greatest results. No one should feel pressured into using more than 30 hashtags in one post simply because they can. Decide on your industry’s top 10 and include them in your posts as necessary.


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