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Everything You Want To Know About Instagram Story Ads For Better Engagements

Businesses are looking for new channels and ways to grab younger audiences. Social media networks like Instagram and Facebook are introducing innovative features to achieve business requirements. Recently, Instagram launched the story ads on the platform for advertising opportunities.

Story Ads On Instagram

Instagram stories are image or video content that disappears after a day in a slideshow format. Instagram story ads cover the entire screen photo or video advertisements that display organic story content on Instagram. They provide various features like text, video effects, filters, etc., that regular Instagram stories enjoy.

With over 500 million active users viewing Instagram stories daily, it shines as a great way to explore your business growth. You could utilize it to reach your brand worldwide, gain traffic to your site, and increase revenue.

Instagram Story Ads For Business

Generally, the primary goal of advertising is to delight and engage your audiences. And also, most businesses might select Instagram stories to advertise to acquire the objectives such as massive app downloads or drive traffic to the website. Here are some tips that could glow your story ads on Instagram:

Increase Product Or Brand Awareness

The story ads on Instagram are great for medium and small businesses that run on limited budgets for advertisement. You could use it to reach a wider audience and increase your brand’s social presence. Grown businesses can use it to announce the new product launch.

Declare Special Events

Are you looking forward to the season of sale or running a giveaway or a contest for your fans? Use the story ads feature to share about it with the world. With the CTA and swipe-up feature, you could redirect users to the contact form or sale section directly for instant responses.

Start A Conversation

Are you looking to get user engagement? Use the story ads to begin public or personal conversations. Through this, you can analyze your user’s thinking and invite users to take part in Q&A s or live chats!

Retarget Customers

You could use Instagram story ads for retargeting your Facebook ads audience. Retargeting campaigns help bring qualified leads with maximum engagements, including automatic Instagram likes for social proof, and provide an exclusive ROI.

Spec For Making Story Ads On Instagram

The story ads on Instagram helps businesses in various ways. You could select multiple photos, a single image, video content, or a group of videos in your story ads. For the optimum performance, here is the spec that you want to keep in mind when designing story ads on Instagram.


File size: Max 30 MB
Aspect ratio: 9:16 and 4:5
Resolution: Min 600 X 1067 pixels
Resolution: Recommended 1080 X 1920 pixels
Image formats: Supported .JPG and .PNG
Duration: Max 5 seconds


File size: Max 4 GB
Aspect ratio: 9:16 and 4:5
Video formats: Supported .MOV and .MP4
CODECS: supported VP8 and H.264
Audio/video score: Optional
Video duration: Max 15 seconds

Best Moves To Nail Your Story Ads Strategy On Instagram

Here are the best tips that get you a swipe up almost every time:

Target Your People

Targeting the right demographic audience is the perfect key for acquiring great success in advertising campaigns. You want to bring up the ad goal, which can be:
● Gaining reach
● Turning audience into customers
● Generating leads
● Improving brand awareness
● Acquiring massive video views
● Attaining traffic to download apps
● Directing traffic to your site

Now, you can filter your audience through various demographic details like interests, gender, group, location, age, etc. Count Every Second

Even if you have 15 seconds to spare, you want to create maximum impact in the first few seconds. Utilize HQ(High-Quality) visuals to attract your audience more. Here’s a checklist to bring every second count:
● Provide the message clearly in the starting few seconds.
● Showcase your brand logo and name till the end.
● Include music or sound that matches your content.
● Bring the product-centric on the ad.
● Attach a perfect CTA option to direct your user for your objectives.

Connect With Influencers

Level up your business’s story ads on Instagram via connecting with the right influencers. Research and find the famous faces and names in your surroundings and bring them a perfect part of your marketing or advertising campaigns.

You can film them with your stunning products or record the influencer using your product. Mentioning the videos or photos of influencers on social media in your Instagram stories would increase CTR(Click Through Rates).

Summing Thoughts

The story ads on Instagram are the exciting ways for every business to engage with their potential and existing customers. It occupies the entire screen, which provides you the massive opportunity of gaining more attention from your audience.

When many businesses run for their success by utilizing various platform features, don’t forget to use this easy and fun feature to grow your business tremendously. Each minute you spend exploring Instagram stories turns into gaining more strength to your business’s social growth.

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