Essential Tech Trends for The Gaming Industry in 2022

With a constant urge to stay ahead in the tech race, gaming industry providers have focused on bringing the best new tech solutions to the gaming and betting environments. Although acknowledged as part of competing in such a dynamic industry, the challenge is sometimes more significant than most providers can handle.

Bringing together dynamic and customizable features has been the answer for most providers. Whether enhancing an online casino gaming array or improving an existing platform, the race for market share is being fought with tech as the primary weapon.

Mobile Gaming Is Essential to Licensing Discussions

Since 2018, the betting and gaming world has taken over the US market. With a green light for a new entry, providers have done their best to make the most of their products. Mobile technology is now the key element of the argument. However, much of the initial licensing and legalization topics always revolve around betting and gaming to be managed under the jurisdiction of physical locations.

This argument is that licensing makes sense for all providers when deploying their mobile platforms. Without them, gaming and betting are centralized and not accessed by the full range of users that could take advantage of them.

According to industry experts, mobile betting is now the key element of all providers looking to enter the US market. That means that state legislators are gradually opening up to the idea. However, they have also become aware that when licensing a new provider, mobile wagering and gaming are two features that will come up at some point in the discussion.

To industry experts, the take on mobile features is beginning to evolve. Mobile is no longer seen as an alternative, yet it’s being approached as a must. Even though some states have regulated these features aggressively, it still hasn’t stopped most providers from bringing up the topic and prioritizing it as they pursue licensing in new states.

Mobile Gaming Enhancement Pressure

With mobile betting becoming the center of attention, the pressure to enhance digital platforms has become vital. This has driven multiple providers to devote their investments and efforts to developing platforms that can seamlessly provide users the same level of experience throughout gaming offers.

New surveys have revealed that online casinos and sportsbooks are subject to their overall platform appearance. Aesthetics has become key, yet internal, efficiency, speed, and overall dynamic levels of the apps are now essential to clients.

With a significant focus now destined to promote mobile wagering and gaming as the core of every provider’s offer, it’s easy to see why this trend will continue. That is why the efforts devoted to making mobile apps and platforms will dominate the industry throughout 2022.

Customizable Gaming and Betting Features

Companies are now devoting their additional tech investment to personalizing the gaming experience for every client. As a result, seeing some of these features reach the market has become a key trend for most providers.

From watch & bet live video streaming to event highlights, it’s all about providing the correct data in an instant. Bettors just don’t want gaming and betting stats, yet keeping a record of their numbers has also become essential.

Some providers have developed solutions to give online users specific betting and gaming performance stats. This information isn’t always offered to players by online providers, but with trends backed up by data and stats, players and bettors can now make better decisions to enhance their experience with the provider’s products.

Experts predict that this will continue to be the most dominant trend among gaming providers in the market. In the end, companies are attempting to add value to players’ and bettors’ online experiences and make their interaction with digital platforms unique.   Customizing users’ overall interaction with their gaming and betting dynamics is expected to become a key pillar for developing new gaming apps and solutions in 2022.


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