Edhini Sarees : Top Masterpieces To Enhance And Cherish Your Beauty

Handloom sarees are the canvas for artisans crafted to depict women’s beauty and grace. The beautiful and alluring floral, animal designs weavers create on the 9 yards of beaming and elegant fabrics are irresistible to choose from. It takes months and loads of hard work for the craftsmen to complete a single masterpiece saree. Each handloom saree is crafted with threads of fabric entwined together uniquely by the weavers with love and care. This makes the handloom saree a special and rare art form in India which is being appreciated throughout the world. 

India is rich and abundant with aspects to handloom saree art and culture. Throughout its geographical region, a different  weaving style, technique, and design with its own specialty is developed. Each technique and style has made the region well known and renowned for the art found. This traditional handloom art is sustained by the next generation weavers and has provided them a living. Being an Indian, it is our prime responsibility to help preserve this prosperous heritage and art our ancestors have gifted to us. We must support the weavers of India by promoting more and more use of handloom sarees.

Famous Handloom Sarees from India at Edhini

Kanchipuram Saree

Named after its region of origin, pure Kanjivaram silk sarees have been celebrated as an art form since ages. Pure Kanchipuram silk saree also known as pure Kanjivaram silk saree are well known for its exquisite zari work from gold and silver threads woven on dazzling and lustrous mulberry silk fabrics. Handloom Kanchipuram saree motifs are its forte which are inspired from the numerous temple architectures present in the region. It comprises elegant and beautiful animal, floral and human figured brocades.

Pure Kanchipuram silk saree is an evergreen and best ethnic Indian wear for weddings, festivals and school girls’ farewell parties. They will never let you down for such occasions with its classic and royal drapes. An enduring option for your most important and significant day that comes to mind for bridal wear is pure Kanchipuram silk sarees. The rich and subtle weaves are the reasons today every bride chooses Kanchipuram pure silk saree on at least one of the wedding occasions.

Among the masterpieces, Korvai Kanchipuram silk saree is the most unique inheritance from the natives of the south. Korvai is the weaving technique used by the weavers of Kanchipuram to create this contrasting saree body and pallu. This handloom saree body and pallu are each woven separately and later joined together making it distinctive in texture. This technique is called ‘Korvai’ meaning ‘in sync’ in Tamil.

Pure kanjivaram silk saree

Soft Silk Saree

Pure Kanchipuram soft silk sarees are the perfect example of traditional but modern wear. A graceful outfit for weddings, corporate parties and functions. As the name suggests, soft silk sarees are softest in nature, light is weight. As the softness of the fabric is its speciality, zari work on the saree is mostly avoided to maintain the soft and lightweight nature of fabric. Pure silk threads are used to craft unique, beautiful and modern designs.

Pure Kanchipuram soft silk saree

Banarasi Saree

Banaras is famous for the pure silk saree designed and manufactured by the skillful weavers living in the region. Big borders and pallu woven with gold and silver threads, the small sized motifs on the saree border differentiate the art of Banarasi silk sarees from others. Pure Banarasi make up a huge Bridal wear collection with its unique and variety of silk saree designs. Pure Banarasi silk sarees are a celebration in itself marking the excellent craftsmanship of the weavers.

Pure banarasi silk saree

Jamdani Saree

The famous weaving technique of Jamdani has turned out to be mesmerising art. ‘Jam’ meaning ‘floral’ and ‘dani’ meaning ‘vase’ having its Persian origin, is a famous and well renowned practised weave of West Bengal, India. The floral and geometrical designs on the Jamdani cotton saree are woven by moving the loom back and forth to complete the masterpiece. Super comfy, easy to wear and maintain fabric of jamdani cotton saree is a must-have authentic handloom in your wardrobe. Jamdani cotton sarees are mostly preferable during summers and can be the best choice for formal as well as casual occasions.

Yellow jamdani cotton saree

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