Discover New South Wales, the Jewel of Australia

The sunshine state of NSW is located on the Eastern coast of Australia, bordering Queensland in the north, Victoria to the south, with South Australia to the west and the Coral and Tasman Seas on the east. It is no surprise that NSW is the most visited state in the country and in this short article, we offer information to help you plan the perfect holiday in NSW.

Spacious Villa Accommodation

The top-rated luxury resorts in NSW offer spacious villa accommodation that is ideal for a family; giving you a level of independence that’s hard to find in a resort. A two-bedroom unit with its own private veranda so that you and your family can relax in seclusion, with a fully equipped kitchen and an attractive living room.

Hunter Valley

If you love nothing more than relaxing with fine wine, Hunter Valley is the right place for you to holiday; some of the best wineries in the country are located in this fertile stretch of valley, where the very best growing conditions can be found. We recommend search online to become acquainted with Hunter Valley and the stunning Blue Mountains, which will help you to plan each day’s activities. Lake Macquarie is also a city that you should include in your itinerary, along with Newcastle, which has quite a few museums that depict the colourful history of the region.

Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters is the perfect viewing point where you can see a stunning vista; the mountains take on a blueish tinge, which is caused by the many eucalyptus trees found in the valley. Talk to your resort receptionist about guided Blue Mountain tours and the tour operator would collect you from your resort and head off for a guided hike. If you have a vehicle, there is much to see and do; you can plan each day from the comfort of your villa, where you can enjoy high-speed Internet connectivity in seclusion and comfort.

Whale Watching

If you have yet to experience a close-up encounter with majestic whales, we recommend booking a whale-watching tour with one of the special vessels. Humpback whales travel to and from their feeding grounds in Antarctica and the skippers know the best sections for whale watching.


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