Digital Signage in Hotels? 7 Ways In Which You Can Engage More Audiences

Imagine you are checking into a hotel and it has a spiritless vibe. What would be the very next thought that would cross your mind? Probably regret about why you after all booked that hotel?

That’s what most visitors also feel when they experience something that’s anyway less than splendid, especially because the place that they booked, becomes home away from home for at least a couple of days.

The world is caught up, fetching attention has become but the need of the hour. Hence, hoteliers are struggling to level-up with their innovation.

One of the ways they are able to do this is through digital signage. But the catch here is, to move forward with it in a precisely connected hotel space, setting up a few screens ain’t enough. It is more than just that.

To know and understand how you can use digital signage at your hotel in a manner that’s effective, interesting, innovative and responsive to the needs of the customers, keep reading.

1 Automated Check-in

Check-in is pretty much a bother. How about resourcing your digital screens in a way that it is both entertaining and useful?

When visitors enter your hotel, a digital screen can naturally allure their attention. And when they know they can make a check-in using the screen in place of the desk, it automatically boosts the impression that they hold of your hotel.

If there is a queue, the check-in can be completed in seconds. Letting your visitors have the time and peace of mind to decide upon their next plan of action.

2 Displaying Welcome Information Real-Time

Visitors are always keen to know what service would be served to them following the check-in. But if this task of engaging the audience through boasting about the unique selling points of the hotel is done manually, it is going to be time-consuming and the users might also lose their interest.

You can display welcome information in real-time, by using digital signage in hotels.

From informing them about the restaurant timings, to the check-in waiting time, the local travel information, to the available travel conveyance options, everything that can be important for the customer to know, can be displayed through digital signage.

3 Personalised Room Service

Hotels that evoke emotions, make happy customers. This becomes possible through cloud-based digital signage solutions, in which all the screens in the hotel can be controlled through one central system.

Through this hotels can group screens and apply changes to all of them simultaneously in a simple manner. Other than this personalisation becomes handy. For example, personalising messages for every visitor, and showcasing the hotel’s Instagram feed, what’s happening around, travel related updates, reviews of the restaurants, etc. Imagine how engaging that would be for your users.

4 A Source Of Entertainment

For digital technology to be useful, it needs to be ever evolving. By using digital signage, hotels can make entertainment relevant. How about playing a movie on Netflix in the waiting area?

You can add a playlist of YouTube videos, blogs or travel blog reviews, music, etc. In fact, an entertaining digital signage can reduce the perceived waiting time of the visitors. It is a smart strategy for hotels to employ and take advantage of, with respect to customer engagement.

5 Digital Concierge

A virtual concierge helps guests to have knowledge abouts of the place they are visiting. They help people in getting the information about the place, the amenities nearby, the events that are going to take place, the activities to participate in, etc.

In a world where information of every kind is just one click away, everybody wants to find information on their own. So, by using a digital concierge, hotels can provide their visitors on-demand information without intruding into their quest of gaining information by themselves.

The hotels can also provide information about the rules and regulations around using the property of the hotel, if there is any offer or discount going-on in the hotel or at any other place it has tie-ups with.

6 Advertising

Showcase ads of businesses in and around the hotel in return of a monetary benefit.

Informing guests of any local restaurant, spas, bars, entertainment houses, or a hangout place might be of use for the visitors as well as the business houses for whom the ad has been displayed.

Moreover, can the visitor be engaged in a better way than to find something that can be of use to them?

7 At The Restaurants

Add digital signages at your restaurant to inform your customers about the waiting, the menu, pictures of the plate, quirky, catchy quotes, waiting time, local cuisine of the area, social media feeds of the hotel, or the culture of the place.

Setting up a digital signage is an amazing way to keep your customers engaged, especially when they cannot hold back on their hunger.

It will grab their attention, keep them informed and entertained while also attracting more users.


Digital signage is the most appropriate strategy hotels can employ to gather more footfall. It enhances the visitor experience, leaves them in an awe and keeps them wanting to come back to your service.

Hospitality is but a competitive industry. Toiling to find the unique selling points, counting on them and maximising its utility is the best bet.


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