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Digital Marketing Hacks To Boost The Number Of Leads

Finding new leads is something that all marketing managers struggle with. Even with a solid marketing campaign, you still may experience difficulties finding the right people to engage and presenting your offer in the best possible way. Unfortunately, there is no one-for-all long-term solution for generating leads, as every company needs to address this uniquely. Fortunately, you can use some hacks to boost the number of leads when necessary and increase your sales.

Top hacks to boost the number of leads

While the following leads are effective, they are not a substitute for a solid marketing campaign. They should be seen as temporary boosts that can either help kick start a new campaign or speed up the one currently in motion. Just like a cup of coffee cannot substitute a good night’s sleep, neither can these hacks substitute for managing your online presence and your SEO. So, keep in mind how and when you use them.

A person outlining different aspects of SEO

No amount of hacks to boost the number of leads will help you if you don’t have a good marketing campaign behind them.

Go back to your brand

If you’ve been running a marketing campaign for some time, you’ve probably implemented a few changes in your approach. Most companies try to keep up with marketing trends to stay relevant online. While this is a good approach as it does put your name in the mainstream outlets, it can be detrimental. After a while, your online presence can lose a cohesive idea of what it is and what it is trying to say. When that happens, you can see a drop in leads as your customers won’t have a clear idea of what you are about.

In order to help mitigate this, a suitable method is to revisit the core idea of your brand. Think back to what your company was all about and why you started doing what you are doing. This return to your company’s core idea usually reinvigorates your marketing efforts and helps you promote yourself more clearly. The potential downside to using this hack too much is that you don’t give your marketing team enough room to experiment. A good marketing campaign combines both brand awareness and experimentation. Lose one, and your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Use social media promoters

Using social media promoters is a tried and true way to increase leads. This is because social media reviews are often seen as trustworthy, particularly if they never deviated from their standards. Therefore, a decent review from a promoter can do you a world of good and help boost your website’s domain authority.

Various social media platforms, using them is one of the hacks to boost the number of leads.

When it comes to digital marketing in general, social media is becoming more and more important.

The key here is finding an adequate promoter and figuring out how to present your brand. You should always be familiar with the current trends in your industry and which promoters are currently most popular. Hiring influencers that are overall popular is expensive, and it can only boost your overall popularity. If you want to generate leads, you need to work with promoters recognized within your target demographic.

Once you do find one, think carefully about how you will promote yourself. You can choose to sponsor the influencer’s content and get a promotion out of it. Or, you can have them review you and hope that the review hits the right note. The smart thing to do would be to consult with the promoter and see what they recommend. If you manage to establish a relationship, the promoter will be more than happy to share their experience and tell you what worked for other companies.

Don’t shy away from webinars

When handled properly, webinars can be surprisingly effective. They not only help you get new leads but also utilize those leads the best possible way. So much so that we easily count them as one of the hacks to boost the number of leads. But, to host an effective one, you need to:

• Carefully choose what the webinar will be about.
• Find the right person to hold it.
• Start promoting it weeks ahead.

By hosting a webinar, you allow your customers to get to know your company a bit better. They will familiarize themselves with your product and learn how and when to use it best. But, it is paramount that you find someone charismatic and entertaining to lead it. Know that a lousy presenter will ruin a presentation, even if you present a top-notch product.

A person giving a thumbs up while holding a webinar.

Always try to pick a charismatic, well-spoken person to host your webinar.

Furthermore, start promoting on time. People should know in advance when the webinar will be held and what it will be about. Carefully consider your demographic to find out which platform to use and when to organize the webinar.

Use customers to help promote a product

An exceptionally cost-effective way to generate leads is to use your customers to help promote you. For example, say that you are a company that sells cell phones. What you can do is head to your social media and post a challenge. Every customer should post in the comments how a friend of theirs tried to convince them to purchase one of your cell phones. Then they should share the post and try to get as many likes as possible. The person with the best story gets a new cell phone for free.

From the customer’s end, this is an easy way to get a cell phone as it costs nothing and only requires a bit of luck. On your end, this an inexpensive way to promote yourself as you need to give just one cell phone.

It is only an example of what you can do. With a bit of creativity, you can easily use your customers to promote your services or products. Of course, you cannot solely rely on your customer, so try to utilize some other hacks to boost the number of leads. But, when it comes to temporary boosts in leads, they can be pretty effective.

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