A Guide to a Smooth Office Relocation

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If you set up your business last year and things have been going well, you are probably thinking about expanding your operation, which would mean relocating to a larger venue. If you think that moving house is stressful, relocating a business is on another level and with that in mind, here is our guide to a smooth office relocation.

Use a professional removalist

Engaging the services of an established moving company in Bangkok ensures the project will be completed without any issues. They have the know-how and the resources to pack, transport and unload your office equipment and furniture, leaving you and your employees to focus on your business. When making enquiries, ask a few removal contractors to quote for the project and let each one present their proposal before you can make an informed decision. No commercial removal contractor would give a quote over the phone, rather they would need to survey the old and the new site, plus they would need a complete list of all inventory.

It’s all about planning & preparation

The secret to a smooth office relocation is planning and preparation; start by creating lists; one for items that are not included in the move, one for items to go and a priority list of things that are to be packed last. When a commercial removal contractor accepts a project, they plan the packing, transportation and unloading in such a way that the client’s business is not affected. If the job is done correctly, your website never has to go offline, nor do your employees have to do anything regarding the relocation.

Preparing the new office space

All IT hardware needs to connected and your LAN configured, which is something the removalist can handle. Phone lines can be connected a few days prior, ready to plug the devices into the wall, while we recommend calling in a commercial cleaning team to go through the new premises a day before the move. Make sure the climate control is working prior to the move and check that the removal trucks have good access; you would be surprised at how often the new tenant forgets the keys! Click here for car wrap tips.

The importance of labels

Every box should be labelled, with the contents listed; a professional removalist puts the labels on the sides of boxes and crates, which is easier to read. Using colour codes is another trick to facilitate easy unloading. The first items to pack are things that are rarely used and won’t be required before the relocation and at the end of the day when your employees go home, the removal team can get to work.   A small office can be relocated in a single night, which does not impact the business.

If you are planning a business expansion that involves office relocation, Google can help you find an established removal contractor and you can make an enquiry.


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