A Comprehensive Guide for Undergraduate Courses in USA for Indian Students

“My scores are not high enough for an American university” – if similar words are racing through your mind, let those words not decide your future because you may still be able to enroll for an undergraduate course in the United States. Having low grades might hold students who have less than stellar marks back in many countries including India, but the US education system has a place for all. It is designed for second chances. If students take their time to consider the possibilities, they may find that there are programs that suit their particular academic needs and goals and provide avenues to remove the stigma of inadequate high school grades.

In India, most students have experienced the horrible feeling that stems from receiving bad or average grades even after putting all their efforts in every exam. Even though people might be saying otherwise, Indian students with reasonable financial resources and less than impressive GPA can aspire to better academic performance.

The key to academic success when entering a post secondary institution is institutional and academic support. This often comes in the form of foundation programs that prepare students for entering a degree program by focusing intensely on skills useful for that particular program. These programs add a little to the time it takes to complete a degree but they are often a necessary scaffold for students who have struggled in the past but who have matured sufficiently to take up the challenge of further studies.

Eevn in places that do not offer a full foundation program, most universities conduct their own assessment of entering students to determine their readiness for particular programs. Whereas lack of readiness would, in most countries, derail the academic goals of a student, in the US, there are plenty of opportunities to repair this deficiency. With its network of two and four year colleges, the United States is even more versatile in letting students rise by providing many different forms of assessment besides end of term and end of year final exams. This will be especially helpful for students who suffer from exam anxiety.

The key is to get to know the US higher education system and to develop an awareness of the many ways that students can shine besides what they have experienced in their home country. In case, they have done the research and still not found what they are looking for, they should seek the help of a professional service. Such service can give wings to their academic career and guide them in their quest for the right opportunity to demonstrate that average grades will not hold them back.

Author bio: Lorelei Thompson is an active blogger who helps Indian and other international students understand how to walk through the application processes in the United States. Here, she discusses what to look for in undergraduate education in USA for Indian students.

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