8 Tips for Traveling with a Baby – Complete Guide about Hotel booking

Traveling with an infant isn’t always easy, especially if you’re only away from home for a few days. However, there are some tricks and tips that can make your trip easier, more fun, and safer than you might think! Here are eight tips on how to travel with a baby, no matter if you’re in transit or staying at a hotel overnight.

1) Get Excited About Travel

It might be hard to get excited about traveling while your baby is young, but trust us: When your child is older, you’ll thank yourself for taking trips when they were little. Traveling as a family is one of those rare opportunities to bond and create lifelong memories together. So even if you can’t muster up excitement right now, promise yourself that in 12 months or so, you’ll be glad you took those vacations early on. Here are some tips for traveling with a baby.

2) Put Together an Essential Kit

Getting ready to travel with your baby can be stressful if you’re not prepared. To avoid making things harder on yourself, try putting together an essential kit that has everything you’ll need to keep your baby happy and healthy while traveling. Your kit should include: an extra set of clothes; pacifiers; diapers; toys; a blanket or crib sheet; and anything else your baby may need when traveling (bottles, formula, etc.). Once you’ve got your bag packed, it can feel like there’s nothing left to do.

3) Put Together a Misc. Kit

Put together a misc. kit, including infant formula and food, your baby’s medications, diapers, wipes, a thermos of warm water and snacks for long days at airports or in transit. Plan to bring along a stroller (especially if you’re taking flights with multiple connections). If you have an extra travel seat on your plane or are traveling on an international flight with your car seat, make sure to check in early so you can secure that additional spot.

4) Pack Light

It may seem counterintuitive to travel with a baby, especially if you’re taking her on a plane. But most airlines will let you bring your baby along in a car seat as long as she meets certain weight requirements and you buy a ticket for her. Plus, it’s easier to move through a foreign city with all of your gear on wheels than with baby in tow. As such, always bring a light-weight stroller (or better yet, one that collapses down to fit in an overhead compartment). It’s also important to pack at least one smaller bag just to carry around things like diapers and snacks while traveling by foot. The last thing you want is having to leave your hotel room because of lack of supplies.

5) Think Outside the Baby Box

When you travel with a baby, you need to keep in mind that things aren’t always going to go as planned. A taxi ride can be particularly tricky: It’s an enclosed space where your baby isn’t used to being. The good news is you don’t have to stress—all it takes is a little bit of preparation and practice (which isn’t necessarily hard) to make traveling with a baby easier than you’d think. First, let your taxi driver know that you’re bringing along a baby (assuming he doesn’t already know). If he doesn’t ask, do tell. You may not need extra time in your taxi or seat belt extensions or any other accommodations made in advance, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6) Book A Family Suite With Two Rooms

Book a family suite with two rooms to minimize stress. Traveling with a baby on a plane can be incredibly stressful, but there are ways to make it easier. If your child is sleeping in her own room while you’re traveling, consider booking a family suite on your next trip—you’ll get more space and separate areas if your baby wakes up at 2am and starts fussing. If your child is too young to stay in his own room or sleep through all night, then you may want to book two rooms instead of one (one for mom and dad, one for baby). Then, travel with enough clothes so that everyone can change if needed; don’t worry about packing much else because hotels have all that stuff already.

7) Double Check Hotel Policies and Fees

If you’re traveling on business, there’s no need to worry about baby amenities at your hotel. But if you are going on vacation and bringing your baby along, then check in advance to see what kind of cribs or rollaway beds they have and how much it will cost. Some hotels charge an extra fee for cribs—and others won’t let you bring one in at all. For example, popular European hotel chain Best Western doesn’t allow any portable cribs in their rooms but does provide high chairs and family rooms with cribs upon request. If you think that using one of these items might be important, make sure to call ahead first!

8) Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Once you’ve packed everything a baby could need and bought a seat for your little one, you might think that’s all there is to traveling with a baby. But knowing how to travel with a baby internationally can be just as important as your destination. One thing to remember: You will have to go through security twice in most cases—once before going through security to board and again after deplaning. The TSA generally permits babies, children and parents (if they’re traveling with a child) to keep their shoes on while passing through security; however, TSA agents will ask you to remove anything from your pockets before scanning—and it may not matter if it’s in your pockets or backpack at that point. Checkout more details on Best Mover Dubai.


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