6 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Improve Your SEO

Have you ever wondered how influencer marketing can improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and bring some fine results? If that’s so, you’ve knocked on the right door. Today, there are many marketing methods out cruising the business field. One of them, of course, revolves around influencers leading some good traffic to your website and boosting your SEO. Is it all worth it? Can influencers really boost your brand’s visibility? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out! In the text below, we’ll introduce you to the 6 ways influencer marketing can improve your SEO. Stay tuned! 

What is influencer marketing?

Before we show you the ways influencer-oriented marketing can boost your SEO, it might be best to consider what exactly we mean by that term. In other words: what is influencer marketing? Okay, the main term for today represents a form of social media marketing that utilizes endorsements and product mentions from the so-called influencers. On the other hand, influencers represent individuals who’ve gained a dedicated following through social media and/or are seen as experts within a certain niche. Fundamentally, why does influencer marketing function? Let’s just say that these folks have built up a lot of trust within their following, so their recommendations rarely go unnoticed. Guess that’s about it! Let’s delve deeper into the subject matter. 

A person taking a selfie as influencer marketing can improve your SEO
Influencers have a large following on social media, and folks usually trust their product/service recommendations.

#1 It keeps your content up-to-date

Needless to say, coming up with new content all the time can be quite difficult and challenging for both marketers and brands themselves. If you rely on influencer-based marketing, you rely on these folks to create original and compelling content that your target audience simply can’t ignore. Also, influencers are able to find a way to make their followers, too, produce content for you (if it rhymes, it’s good). For instance, they can maximize a certain social campaign by “influencing” their following to share some original content (thoughts or images) related to your brand or campaign. Needless to say, this will greatly boost your social visibility and so-called brand engagement. 

#2 Influencers drive backlinks to your site

It goes without saying that the infamous Google algorithm runs on backlinks. Link profile, page/domain authority, and various other factors associated with links “govern” the ranking. However, keep in mind that simply because backlinks (and here’s why are they important) from your trusted influencers are paid for should end up tagged as nofollow links. This, of course, doesn’t mean these links are totally value-less. Quite the contrary! Nofollow links are still able to drive some good traffic back to your site and boost social engagement. It’s simple: these links will result in clicks and social shares. Something which, you’ll agree, can’t really be neglected. Lastly, even if the influencers need to nofollow their links, their popularity or the size of their platform is able to greatly boost the chance of others naturally linking to your website using a dofollow backlink.

Scrabble letters merged to form INFLUENCER.
Influencer marketing can improve your SEO, and influencers can greatly boost your social visibility

#3 Influencers generate social buzz around your brand

And social buzz is the thing your brand needs! The thing is: influencer promotion of your brand through their channels won’t stop there. It’ll also help generate a certain social buzz when it comes to your brand. That’s because shares equal traffic, and shares are what you’ll get once influencers become the backbone of your brand’s marketing strategy. 

#4 Influencer marketing drives purchase decisions

Did you know that sometimes influencers turn out to be the key to your customers’ purchase decisions? Yup, that’s right! Followers have trust and greatly respect their most loved influencers, which will, in turn, result in a positive reaction to your brand. There have been countless studies that have proved that customers’ decision-making is greatly influenced by none other than influencers. According to some of these study results, six out of then YouTube obtain a product simply because their favorite influencers promoted it. Sounds crazy, right? Right. That’s why you should never underestimate the power of influencer-based marketing.

#5 Influencer marketing saves you time

Influencer marketing will save you some valuable time you could spend on solving other SEO-related issues. The thing is: it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a solid ad campaign. However, by partnering with the so-called influencers, you’ll save yourself a ton of time and outsource pretty much all of the work. Influencer marketing will help your company/brand get promoted through various online channels by folks well-known to the public. Also, it’s not like you can’t repost the content made by your partner influencers for the purposes of some future marketing campaigns. Lastly, you’ll be able to use the feedback you’ll gain from your audience, which will also help your future campaigns. 

A regular clock.
Influencer marketing will save your company a ton of time (and effort).

#6 Influencers help promote your main keywords

Now, of course, your keyword research will let you know the keywords you should utilize in your website content. However, you could also instruct your partner influencers to use the very same keywords in social media activities. Here’s how it works: influencers repeatedly mention your branded keywords, which eventually increases the search traffic within your brand’s niche and the odds of your brand’s name appearing in the search results increase. Also, don’t forget to ensure that your influencers are utilizing your keywords in the alt text of their images and videos. 

The bottom line on how influencer marketing can improve your SEO

That’s about it when it comes to the ways influencer marketing can improve your SEO. Hopefully, you’ve had fun reading this one and learning a thing or two about how the whole influencer marketing strategy works. As you could’ve seen, working with influences will pay off greatly. Not only will it save you time and effort, but it’s also pretty much cost-effective. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be one of the most widespread marketing strategies out there. Anyway, we’re sure you’ll find this article useful in this way or another. 

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