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6 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube For Business

One of the main keys for any business to survive in this competitive world is – Marketing. Marketing helps businesses to create some brand awareness and also reach out to the target audience. And as competition is getting fierce, the measures to reach the audience have also progressed. And one of the major approaches is – using YouTube.

Yes, our very own YouTube, the second most visited website in the world. One of the main reasons for the popularity of YouTube amongst the business is because 96 percent of people rely on the explainer videos to know more about the product or services they are interested in. So there could be chances that whenever someone mentions a video platform, the first thing that might strike your mind is YouTube. Such is the impact of the platform.

So if you are using YouTube for your business, then pat yourself on the back because you are making the right decision. But if you are still confused about this decision, here are 6 reasons that can convince you to use YouTube for your business.

Advantages of Using YouTube For Business

There might be cases where businesses aren’t comfortable in delivering video content for their marketing and hence avoid using YouTube as a platform. But if you aren’t utilizing the platform then you are surely missing out on a lot. Other than strengthening online presence, YouTube helps businesses in the following ways:

1- YouTube helps in gaining brand recognition

It might sound weird but it is true, having a YouTube account can help you in gaining brand recognition. When you search about anything related to a brand on Google, you must have noticed that videos appear on the search result. That is because Google owns YouTube and loves the businesses that use Google products and most likely prioritize those brands. Hence often promotes the video content on the search engine, giving people an introduction to your brand/ YouTube channel.

YouTube has 2 million monthly logged-in users, which means it consists of a huge user base and therefore provides you a great opportunity to cater to a large audience and increase your brand recognition.

2- It provides you with a huge audience

Often we have heard the phrase that picture speaks a thousand words, now imagine the impact of the videos. And as your videos provide you with the power to express, YouTube provides you with the power to express and to gain an audience.

One cannot deny that, after all, YouTube is the second most popular website after Google. It receives more than 30 million visitors in a day. And hence you have a large audience who might watch your videos, and there will be hardly any internet user who won’t be aware of YouTube.

There is another way that you can gain more traction on your videos and YouTube channel, and that is by embedding YouTube videos on the website. It has multiple advantages like- it enhances the visuals of your website and makes it alluring, also, it provides a sneak to your YouTube presence to your visitors. So even if someone is unaware of your YouTube presence, he gets to know about it and subscribes to your channel to get more latest updates and stay up to date with your recent developments.

3- Helps you to deliver the message in a better way

Videos are a lot more information and provide a great room to express the message in a better way. Even in the past, businesses have been keen on using visual-based content for delivering their message and promoting their brand.

Moreover, you also use YouTube to display the tutorial videos for your products on how to use your product or how it can bring change to the life of customers.

4- Video have a longer shelf life

Videos tend to stay longer in the YouTube ecosystem. As there will be more traffic on the video, it is more likely to get a place in the trending page, and hence it is more likely that people get to know about your product and brand.

5- Allows you to showcase your creative side

You can explore a lot using YouTube and its videos. For example, Nike uses the animation advertisement for their YouTube videos, it provides them with great traction, and even people prefer watching it. Although it is easy to share Youtube videos on other platforms, it is more likely that your video gets more views and eventually increases your brand’s reach. Another great way that Nike uses YouTube is using famous personalities; their advertisement with Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho was the first video to get a million views.

6- Various easy ways to share YouTube videos

Another amazing reason YouTube stands as one of the most used video platforms is that it is easy to operate and it is easy to share YouTube videos on any other platform. You just have to copy the link and paste it into other social media platforms. You can also embed YouTube videos on your website with ease. And for this purpose we suggest you to use social media aggregators as it helps in embedding your videos and offers features to add functionality.

Ending note

Undoubtedly, YouTube is an influential social media platform; it creates a huge impact with a huge user base. Brands are now actively exploring the platform to market their products and brands. It is easy to use and provides great help in gaining the attention of the audience. So if you haven’t yet used YouTube for your business, we would highly recommend using the platform and enjoying amazing results.


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