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6 Best Strategies To Receive More Likes & Views On TikTok

TikTok proves that even short videos could circulate virally among audiences. TikTok videos range between 15 to 60 seconds long. Delivery of short videos tends to loop in a day. However, a persistent approach only can lead to a massive reach. TikTok, in its existence, spoke up for its prevalence to trends. Charming content on TikTok plays well because most reside here to find their interest in entertainment. Some make lip-syncing videos that seem a little fun for the first time.

The following strategic ways can help gain views and receive likes for your videos.

1. Generate Hashtags Challenges

Generate Hashtags Challenges

The main usage of hashtags on TikTok is to improvise the visibility of the posts. Just like other platforms, TikTok doesn’t have an exception on the usage of hashtags. Moreover, hashtags challenge people to perform tasks and tag them using specific hashtags. Seven tips for implementing the hashtag challenges on TikTok:

  • Look out for particular hashtag challenges that went viral
  • A share-worthy hashtag creation is the best way than choosing an existing one
  • Focus on your brand or the product
  • Make your hashtags unforgettable to utilize them again
  • Right audio for the post
  • Lay Rules for the challenges
  • Promote your challenges on TikTok

2. Frequent Posts

Once you are into TikTok, develop the habit of staying active. The timing of your posts matters a lot because it determines how many people see your content. The For You Page on TikTok lists a set of interests of the audiences through their past interactions. A person’s video is worthier when it undergoes the following exchanges: likes, comments, shares, and follows. To grow your presence on TikTok, post frequently. The more frequent posts, the more your visibility enhances.

3. Promote Duet Videos

Promote Duet Videos

What is a duet on TikTok?

Duets are the stunning feature on TikTok where you create content of yours with both videos appearing side by side. When you make your first duet, choose viral videos which bring likes for TikTok to enhance content popularity. However, you have the option to search duet in the discover page by using the username. All the related duets will populate on TikTok. When you come across a video and wish to make it on your version, it’s a duet.

First of all, enable the duet option to make your first duet video. Also, there is a similar option to a duet, which is called a stitch. Stitch allows people to trim and edit the video of other people. Duet can make a viral video.

4. TikTok Live Streaming

Live is the feature on TikTok, which works like a video call. But the Live option is not the one that is available for all accounts. Also, people could directly interact with their followers. Here, TikTok provides live streaming only when the account has at least 1,000 followers. Once you are capable of going live, stream your first video.

People can share the comments when you are live streaming. First, tap on the + icon on the bottom screen. Select the live button next to the recording button. Make sure to specify the title of why you are on live streaming. Finally, tap the go live on TikTok.

5. Partner With Other Creators

Partner With Other Creators

Brands take notice of the TikTok platform for its massive growth. Partnering with creators helps to share the brand message authentically and engagingly.

How to partner with creators?

The first and foremost way is to choose the content quality over the quantity. Pricing content is not accessible on TikTok because views, follower count may vary. Set the KPI programs on TikTok. TikTok looks for a variety of factors like affinity, reach, and engagement of the content. So, quality content is a measurable factor for the visibility of the video. Try to brief the content extensively to the creators for better understanding.

6. Post Funny TikTok Stories

Who doesn’t love the fun concepts? Annoying pets, kids playing, blooper contents fall under the funny ideas. Through the discovery page, you can surf for the trending content and get entertained. It helps you laugh out loud and relieve stress. Surf through the hashtags that are related to fun, and more videos will populate on the screen. Funny content tends to get more views and likes as people love them for their organic way.

Every valuable content can stand out from the crowd. However, make authentic content to get exposure. The following six stages could help you gain more likes and followers to your TikTok videos.


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