5 Tips which You should have Known before Volunteering at a Panda Base in China

Pandas are peaceful animals but elusive in nature. They love to binge on bamboo shoots. And, when they are not eating, they take naps about ten hours a day. Now, don’t you wish to lead such a stress-free life?

As you are trapped in the human world, you can only wish to look at the panda world outside. But, now you can also get closer to these cute creatures. If your age is between 12 and 65 years, you can sign up as a volunteer. The main objective of the volunteering program is to get a real life experience in taking care of the pandas.

Moreover, in China, these giant bears symbolize friendship. Thanks to the well-planned breeding and reservation centers, the number of pandas is increasing. So, why don’t you become a panda volunteer during your vacation time? As this is going to be one of the firsts of many, you should keep certain things in mind.

1. Preparing Yourself with Basic Knowledge

Pandas are adorable creatures that you can find in the shallow slopes. They like to lead low-stress life and growl, bark, or honk for communicating. While sleeping for 2 to 4 hours between the meals, they rest on their sides or backs. However, they are very sensitive to strong fragrance and you should be careful about pouring the bottle out. Also, the center works hard in keeping the pandas out of cold and other illnesses. So, you should be in your healthiest condition.

2. You may not Get to Cuddle with them

Your wish of cuddling with the baby pandas is not going to fulfill, here. They have a high risk of contracting human sickness. That’s why the centers focus on limiting physical contact with these creatures and keep them safe for wildlife only. Even for safety purposes, the interaction is limited since they have claws and sharp teeth. Playful interactions may not be in the itinerary because pandas may act aggressively. However, you can still arrange bamboo shoots for them, clean their poop, and wash their enclosures.

3. Working on Improving Panda Lives

You can understand that your work is not directly related to the pandas but keeping them healthy and hygienic. Separating the wildlife and human world only with a transparent glass, the barrier is not a great hindrance. Here, you will contribute to the conservation programs. If the facility center lacks manpower, you will be serving as a helping hand for replanting bamboo trees or office works. In this regard, you can utilize your past experiences to get better opportunities and save these endangered animals.

4. Taking Photos with Giant Bears

As the pandas have been on the verge of extinction for years, the panda bases have limited the number of photo sessions. The visitors usually do not have permission to take photos. Also, volunteers may have to pay an extra charge for taking photos. Again, you have to remember, when the pandas are not interested in the little photo-session, the whole deal is off. You can see the pandas climbing up the trees, doing summersaults, or eating lunch being least bothered about the paparazzi. Rest assured, the keepers will take burst photos so that every moment spent with them remains intact for future.

5. Avoid Doing these Things

When you are around the panda bears, you should not ignore the guidelines. The instructions are regulated for the safety of humans and wildlife. Also, do not make loud noises that may startle or put the animals in an uncomfortable situation. And, the most important thing is that you should never touch the pandas’ ears. This act will only agitate them.

So, book a day with the adorable animals at Chengdu Panda tourand guarantee yourself a day-long adventure!

Author bio: Victoria Chang is a travel enthusiast who has devoted a long period of her life taking care of animals and shared her experience of Chengdu Panda tour. Here, she mentions 5 tips that you should always remember before serving as a panda volunteer.

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