5 Senior Friendly Places to Travel in Switzerland

The golden agers have seen a lot throughout their lifetimes. Nevertheless, they wish to see and experience even more as numerous new attractions are coming into our lives. However, due to their aged bodies with sores and stiff joints, and various ailments, they cannot do so.

Then, does that mean that they have to remain confined to their homes because of the hassle it creates when they go out? Do they always have to live fearing injury whenever they wish to enjoy it? No!

For this very reason, Switzerland provides five senior-friendly places for travel. Let us see what they are.

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  1. Zermatt

Zermatt is a municipality located in the district of Visp, based in the German-speaking section of Valais in Switzerland. Nonetheless, due to its population of approximately 5,800 inhabitants, the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has classified it as a town.

Lying at the upper end of Mattertal, at the foot of Switzerland’s highest peaks, Zermatt is famed as a ski and mountaineering resort of the Swiss Alps. Much of the local economy of the municipality depends on the earnings acquired from tourism. Its primary income comes from the colossal number of tourists.

The hotels, restaurants, and vacation apartments have about half the jobs in the town dedicated to them. Surprisingly, only one-third of its population is born and raised there, while the rest move in from outside Switzerland.

Irrespective of the extreme cold, it is an exceedingly worthwhile place where senior citizens can travel.

The breathtaking view, friendly locals, safe and comfortable travel accommodations, delectable cuisine, and so on make for a valuable travel experience even if one does not go skiing.

The weather is even relatively warmer from mid-June to July. That may be why, as of 2013, senior citizens make up over 69% of the population of Zermatt.

2. Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is an enormous, almost symmetrical pyramidal peak of one of the Pennine Alps. It spans between the border and the main watershed of Switzerland and Italy, overlooking the Swiss town of Zermatt and the Italian town of Breuil-Cervinia. Sometimes, it is called the ‘Mountain of Mountains.’

The Matterhorn’s main attraction lies in the achievement of climbing it. Every year, numerous mountaineers aim to do so by traversing the popular route from the Hornli Hut and through the Hornli ridge. Multiple trekkers also opt for the circuit around the mountain in a ten-day-long course.

The tourist spots of the Matterhorn include the Wollie Park and the Matterhorn glacier paradise. Both of these spaces are suitable and, as a fact, perfect for senior citizens. They can go for a light jog or hike in both locations, respectively.

The elderly can also go for a short trek in the Gornergrat to enjoy their lunch under the beautiful and jaw-dropping view. Additionally, they can enjoy themselves by the Riffelsee (lake) or go on an adventure by following the signs for Zum See.

Other intriguing things that senior citizens can find delight in include the daily 5 PM goat parade on the Bahnhofstrasse.

3. Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau Region of the Berenes Oberland, located at the foot of the Bernese Alps, finds its name after the highest mountain of the area- the Jungfrau. The ridges of the Eiger and Monch dominate the region very visibly.

With its two southern valleys of Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, magnificent mountains, and spectacular lakes, it has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Alps and Switzerland.

The region offers a multitude of fascinating and appealing features. These attract people of all age groups, from a toddler to a senior citizen. It is considerably famous for its lakes, in particular, Lake Brienz and Lake Thun. Several railways, whose rides are open to the public, serve throughout the region.

The Wengernalp Railway, the Bernese Oberland Railway, and the Jungfrau Railway offer the visitors and guests a delightful journey through all the mesmerizing and alluring sceneries.

Jungfrau Region also houses various cable transport facilities. They offer a safe and enjoyable riding experiment. The hotels of the area provide warm and comfortable rooms

They especially strive to arrange for a leisurely and luxurious stay for the golden-agers. All services are available throughout the year and that too at a reasonable accommodation cost.

4. Luzern

Luzerne or Lucerne is a city in central Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Lucerne, lying in the German-speaking portion of the country. It is the most populated city of that region, with a population of approximately 82,000 people.

It serves as a nexus of culture, economics, media, and transportation in Central Switzerland. Luzern’s urban area comprises a total of 19 towns and municipalities and has about 220,000 residents.

Owing to its locations on the shores of Lake Lucerne with the outflow of the river Reuss, Lucerne has long since established itself as one of the most famous tourist destinations. Its renowned landmark includes a wooden bridge constructed in the 14th century, the Chapel Bridge.

The city is exceedingly friendly to senior citizens. It offers several immediate medical emergencies and support services and nursing homes to the golden-agers. It also ensures suitable private retirement homes, household help, meal amenities, and transport facilities.

It offers prompt assistance in various other aspects like companionship, relocation, caregiving, and so on. The best part of it is that Luzerne allows its seniors to enroll in the Seniors’ University (Seniorenuniversität) to learn about multiple subjects, including music and exercise, under guidance and supervision.

5. Lugano

Lugano is a municipality and a town in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland. Being the ninth largest Swiss town, it recorded a population of 62,615 people as of 2019. It is the largest Italian-speaking municipality outside of Italy, lying on Lake Lugano and bounded by the mountains of the Lugano Prealps.

The town is renowned for its mix of Swiss-Mediterranean cultures, closely related to the arts of Italy’s northern region of Lombardy.

This amalgamation is evident and reflected in its cuisine and architecture. Its main square, Piazza della Riforma, creates a breathtaking view with its pastel-colored and neoclassic palazzi.

The picturesque lakeside town presents all locals and tourists with the prominently celebrated Film Festival. It also houses the residence of the Nobel Prize winner Hermann Hess.

Although the steps may be relatively steep for senior citizens, the city provides railings at all places for ease of walking. It offers safe and comfortable bus and boat rides at reasonable prices.

The accommodations are of the superior standard and quality, as expected of a lively town. For elderly tourists, there is a specific ‘senior citizens package’ that covers all their travel plans and ensures their well-being and coziness throughout.


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