5 Questions that all the Wedding Photographers want their Clients to Ask

When you have shortlisted the number of wedding photographers to 3, the real fun begins. From here, only the best one can make the cut. However, how do you find a lensman who can represent your love in its truest sense?

This is where; the expert photographers suggest that the client should be mindful about certain things. Instead of blindly believing what the cameraman claims, you should ponder over things meticulously.

Rather than asking where the photographer resides or other basic questions, ask how his/her service works. Nowadays, the professionals of Calgary wedding photography want the clients to ask certain questions. To know more, read on.

How many wedding shoots have you done?

No matter how experienced the professionals claim to be, the clients must ask for proofs beforehand. You have one chance to get perfect wedding shots. So, don’t let the photographers blow the chance. If someone has done a romantic shoot in their college life, it should not be counted. Also, if someone is a hobbyist photographer, hiring him/her is not a good choice, either. Ask for the photographer’s service website and take a look at him/her work online.

How would you like to get paid?

For every professional photographer, it is important to inform the clients about the payment policy beforehand. Generally, the professionals accept email money transfer, cheque, and cash. In case of the bounced checks, additional $50 is incurred. Also, you may have to pay 50% of the retaining fee, at first. The amount is non-transferrable and non-refundable. Of course, the payment policy varies from photographer to photographer. But, you should clear this up for avoiding unpleasant situations.

Do you need assistance at my wedding?

The need for hiring another assistant is solely dependent upon the size of the wedding. If it is only close friends and parents, only one photographer is sufficient for such a small wedding. On the contrary, if you are inviting everyone you know, there will be additional professionals.

In the meantime, remember that you should provide the professionals with meals upon exceeding 5 hours of work.

Can I get to see the photos before printing?

Every photographer pays full attention to a client’s requirements. But, it is the client’s responsibility to understand how the proofing system works. For example, the photographers now provide an online link to check the photos and select accordingly. You can send the link to your friends and family members to get their inputs in the selection process. Moreover, as soon as the cameraman receives the retaining fee, the link is available. However, always ask the professional for how long the link will be available. In some cases, you may have to pay an extra charge for ordering more photos.

Where do you like to shoot?

If the bride wants to do a steamy boudoir shoot before or after the wedding, the photographers generally have their own studios. Otherwise, for the engagement shoots, the service providers are always free to travel anywhere. Whether you desire to shoot on Red Rock Canyon of Las Vegas or hidden gem waterfall Kananaskis, you just have to let the photographer know. So, the clients should feel free to do an engagement photo session at one place and wedding at another place.

So, prepare all the questionnaires and ask what you have in your mind to the wedding photographers of Calgary.

Author bio: Margaret Clark is a photography enthusiast handling many major Canadian clients for ages while running her part-time blog. Here, she mentions 5 questions that every client must ask before booking the service of Calgary wedding photography.

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