4 Tips for Sichuan Birding Tours – Start Preparing for a Lifetime Experience

Bird watching trips usually turn out to be very exciting. However, many people go through the very opposite of it when unprepared completely. In case, your heart is fluttering to photograph a few exquisite and rare birds in their habitats, you should think nothing else than Sichuan. The gorgeous province gives the right punch of culture, foods, and nature. Going out of your known boundaries and localities, a bird-watching trip to Sichuan may prove to be life-changing.

Sichuan birding tours are planned in a way that every bird watching enthusiast can check out most of their bucket lists. You can hike, walk, and wait – the tour is the ultimate package for the avid bird watchers. But the success of every bird watching trip lies in an excellent plan. If you are craving to spot Kessler’s Thrush or Chestnut Thrush, you should remember the following tips.

Choose the Destination Carefully

When in Sichuan for bird watching, you should be careful about the location choices. Not every place does open a golden opportunity to spot Durian Jackdaw in this province. For this particular bird, you need to roam around the forest areas in Ruoergai. It is best to include Xiangling Mountain, Erlangshan, Baoxing, Rilong, and Balang Mountain in the itinerary. You can focus on the various elevations at Mengbi Mountain in the search of Chinese Fulvetta or Hodgson’s Treecreeper. Apart from the birds, the grassland near Ruoergai is the best place for mammals including Grey Wolf, Hog Badger, and Sika Deer. The grazing animals in the vast grasslands assure magnificent photos.

Always Know What to Expect in the Wild

Sichuan is the ultimate hub for various native species for birdies. The province hosts numerous birding spots where you can have a lifetime experience. So, what have you been wishing to photograph for years? If it is a Lady Amherst’s Pheasant or Three-toed Parrotbill, you should include Xiangling Mountain in the itinerary. Or, you can spot White-browed Fulvetta or Temminck’s Tragopan in the wilderness of Elangshan. When you are a fan of alpine birds, do not miss out on the chance of spotting Blood Pheasant, Red-fronted Rosefinch, and Tibetan Snowcock at Balang Mountain. Sichuan Tit, Dusky Warbler, and Blue Eared Pheasant are easily found in virgin forests around the mountain.

Be in Touch with the Field Guides Thoroughly

You might have never been to the place but the guides know the areas in the back of their hands. Even if you have gone through the books on particular topics, the reality is always different. Whether you are going to Baxi Forest or Gongganglin area, you need an experienced guide. Only the guide can help you identify the Chestnut-throated Monal Partridge near the virgin forests of Mengbi Mountain. They use less-trodden trails to spot the habitats of Chinese Fulvetta or Crimson-browed Finch. The guides have years of experience and are fluent in English. So, the tours will be hassle-free to your surprise.

Prepare with the Right Type of Gear

Before backpacking to the province of the Far East, you should check how the weather is going to be. Hence, you can pack accordingly. It is wise to pack light because you will be gone for more than a week.  Also, you cannot roam around the valleys or forests with heavy backpacks. Of course, weather prediction can change the items accordingly.

Planning for the bird watching tour seems easy, doesn’t it? If you are up for bird watching in China, don’t forget to explore Sichuan. Also, gather most of the information from the official website today. So, book your tickets before they run out of stock.

Author bio: William Bond is a travel blogger who has gone out for bird watching in China several times. Here, he talks about the useful tips to keep in mind before planning Sichuan birding tours in mainland China.

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