4 Myths about Sparkly Prom Dresses Debunked for a Glamorous Appearance

Every girl should own a minimum one sparkly dress and prom is the best occasion to sport it. The sparkling sequins are glamorous, elegant, and attractive. If you are willing to turn a few heads, there is no better answer than a sparkling dress. After all, prom is going to be one of the unforgettable nights of your life! Stilettos, glitter, and selfies – these are the main ingredients to look oh-so-perfect, right? However, the myths around a sparkly dress might rain on your parade. To look beyond the myths, you need to remember certain things.

If you can successfully debunk the myths around sparkly prom dresses, you can turn into a diva overnight. One of the basic rules is never to include another shred of sparkle when you already wearing a sparkly dress. A sequin dress needs to be handled in the right way; otherwise, the ensemble may be a headache for everyone in the room. If you are thinking of a killer sequin gown, you can get the feel of walking down the red carpet. You can also order a custom-made gown to make perfect. So, learn about the myths that can make things alright for you. Take a look below.

Myth #1: You cannot wear sparkle at prom

A sparkly dress is alright for a formal event; hence, the prom is fine. Embellishments, sequins, metallic, and shimmer – everything goes well at the prom. If this suits your personality, you should go for it. The online store offers a wide range of sparkly dresses. From red to champagne, the collection is too good to be true.

Myth #2: Floor-sweeping dress is not a good idea

There is no strict rule on how long the sparkly dress should be. A prom is a black-tie event and the long sparkly dresses are great choices. On the contrary, a short dress may be skimpy and unsuitable for the event. The floor-sweeping dress brings out the elegance in you without being raunchy. Many dresses feature side-slits to enhance mobility on the dance floor. So, it is okay to wear a mini or long dress until you are paying respect to decorum.

Myth #3: Different colors bring out more from the sparkle

This is one of the common myths because multiple colors do not go hand in hand with the sequins. When it is an all-sequin dress, you should stick to one color. The sequins have the power to stand out and the different colors are distracting. Additionally, it becomes an eyesore for everyone. So, you need to pick a pink, red, silver, and black dress for a glamorous ensemble.

Myth #4: Go overboard with the shoes

Are you going to wear a champagne-colored sequin dress? Along with it, you are thinking of wearing a pair of colorful heels because someone told you so? This is another myth that you should avoid for averting fashion disasters. A pair of simple and solid pumps can be exactly what you must be looking for. Moreover, embellished dresses and sequined shoes do not make the ideal combination. So, stay away from intricate or complex designs. The heavy contrast can only ruin the attire completely. To keep up the eye-catching factor, you need to choose something basic. Overloading the shine can be a disaster.

If you have not fixed the dress type, you can check out the collection of mermaid prom dresses. A mermaid dress is a beautiful combination of elegance, sparkle, and more. Of course, you cannot miss the perfect opportunity to put on the perfect dress. So, why not start shopping pretty early? Open the browser and add your favorite dress to the cart.

Author bio: Vanessa Simpson is a regular blogger who has published many articles on how to look gorgeous wearing mermaid prom dresses. Here, she debunks the myths around sparkly prom dresses for making you look fabulous.

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