4 Decal Types that You can Find from Window Signage Adelaide for Brand Reinforcement

Why does a commercial store put up window signage? There are many reasons for the installation. For many business organisations, this is a way to reinforce the brand. The catchy signs are effective in engaging customers’ attention to the store. That’s why; there are many types of window signs existing in the market.

Nowadays, the customers are exposed to choose from different options of window signage Adelaide. The right type of sign gets you the right type of customers for the long term. Moreover, the window signs are not only applicable to the storefronts but also for the vehicles as well. If you are going to transform a normal car into a company vehicle, potential customers are exposed to the business. However, service providers are not familiar with the different variations. Take a look at the following signage options.

Static Cling Sticker

The sticker is a plastic sheet which does not need adhesive to install on a glass surface. Professionals can make the image transparent or opaque as per the requirement. Because of the easy-to-remove feature, the static cling sticker has become popular. The material used is usually PVC, plastic or biodegradable. Now, the static cling sticker lasts up to three years but there may be some fading within a year. It is better to clean the sticker with gentle soap and water for increasing the lifespan.

Vinyl Window Decal

As the name suggests, this is a vinyl sticker that has a low adhesive backing. Generally, the decals are opaque but they are often semi-transparent. The stores utilise the stickers on storefronts where the pedestrians easily catch one glimpse. On top of everything, the sticker is affordable and provides privacy. So, the customers can still peep inside and the whole store is not covered with a giant decal.

Clear Window Decal

Going by the name, it is hard to figure out what the decal’s role is. The decal is clear and it is a great option to install for storefronts. Apart from the storefronts, the doors are the best places for the clear window decal. So, the design cannot cover the whole surface area. In the meantime, you should remember to pick a contrasting colour for small decals.

Frosted Decals

The frosted decals fall between the opaque window decals and clear window decals. In addition to the context, the etched glass adhesive is used for the frosted decals. The decal can be entirely opaque or clear; however, there should be enough light and shadow passing through. If you can manage to take care of the decal with regular maintenance, the signage can last up to five years.

In any case, you should sit down with the professionals for choosing the right colour contrast. Picking the right colour can bring all the difference at the time of installing a window graphic. If the contrast value is high, it becomes easy to make out of the text.  On the contrary, if you wish to put up an advertising sign for 24×7, you can happily go with neon signs Adelaide.

Author bio: Taylah Orton is a marketing expert who has published man of her articles on the service of neon signs Adelaide. Here, she talks about the different options to choose from the window signage Adelaide.

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