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4 Common Problems Faced after Installing from Water Features Melbourne

Anduze fountain, cascade fountain and fish pond – what are these exactly? If you have never heard before, these are the names of the water fountains or features. Mainly used for increasing the beauty of a garden, the products serve endless benefits to outdoor living space. However, there are several problems arising after the continuous use of a water feature.

If this is going to be your first installation, you are new to the problems. The little glitches should not create blockage on the way to enhance the calming effect. After buying a product from the service of water features Melbourne, you may face the following issues. Take a look to understand better.

  1. Creatures Hampering the Fish

If you have a pond or any other water feature, little fish and aquatic plants can enhance the beauty of it. So, there is a huge chance that predatory birds may be hovering over the garden to find their prey. For a regular homeowner, the incoming and outgoing of the racoons or herons for fish may cause a lot of trouble. For this reason, a special type of motion sensor can be used to keep away the critters from the koi fish. However, adding fish is not mandatory and you can choose a pondless water feature. This kind of water feature turns off at night and the water is stored in a tank. If there is no water out of your sight, the racoons are not likely to barge in suddenly. 

  1. White Streaks and Calcium Deposits

After using the water feature for a few months or years, you can see the white streaks appear gradually. The reason behind this visual blunder is the calcium build-up in the fountain. When there is a mineral present in the water of the fountain, the spots become clear. If you do not clean the water feature on a regular basis, the streaks will not go away. Additionally, the water should be distilled or filtered water for reducing the signs. If you are incapable of accessing the distilled or filtered water, you can ask the local water board for inquiring about the mineral content.

  1. Everyone doesn’t Like Water Splashes

The width of the container is one of the reasons behind fixing this issue. After all, who likes to clean the water every hour? So, you should find a container which must be three times wider than the height of the fountain. When the receptacle lacks in width, the users will lose more water than required. This is usually the case of a patio pot featuring a fountain bubbler. Yes, you can cut down the amount of water but it is better to increase the width of the container in which the water is falling into.

  1. The Flow has Slowed down

The water may not run efficiently or smoothly and this should be a reason for concern. At this time, you should check the pump whether it is working fine or not. Often, debris or leaves clog up the pump. Even the suction lines and valve get hampered also. As the winter approaches, you need to clean the feature for its optimum performance.

The role of the water features is to nurture wildlife and instil the aesthetic appeal in the garden landscape. Keeping the previously mentioned problems and solutions, you can enhance the property value easily.

Author bio: Sebastian Tubb is a regular blogger who has published many articles on the pros and cons of water features. Here, he discusses the common issues faced after calling the service of water features Melbourne.

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