3 Proven Tips to Quickly Increase the Domain Authority of the Site

Increase the Domain Authority of the Site

Domain Authority is a metric of MOZ and is considered an important factor for measuring the SEO strength of a website.

Marketers usually find domain authority as a way to measure their SEO strategy. If, for example, you apply SEO practices to your customer’s website, the DA score can tell you whether your practices are successful or not.

This is possible by checking the DA score before and after the implications of the SEO changes.

Domain authority has many other advantages and, in this article, you will learn how to increase the domain authority of your website more easily and quickly.

Advantage of a high domain authority

With high domain authority, you increase the value of your website. Most people consider this number to estimate the value of a website.

We have listed some of the major advantages of having high domain authority below:

Increase the possibilities for guest posts

Marketers usually find sites with high domain authority to post guest posts and place their site’s link through those sites.

Now, having 50+ domain authority brings more opportunities for guest posts as well as comments. If you want to sell guest posts, then a high DA is necessary for a higher price.

Brings more backlinks

Of course, every web owner wants backlinks for his website and if it comes naturally, it is a plus point for the ranking. Natural backlinks are always a recommendation of the search engine and to get them, high domain authority is beneficial for websites.

When a site needs to provide an outbound link, it usually finds the sites with high domain authority to increase the authenticity of their writing.

If your content is good and your DA number is high, there is a chance of getting more backlinks.

Attracts advertisers

Advertisers usually find the site with the better domain authority to place their ads, usually because it tells them how well a site has a chance of ranking on SERP.

Besides, it also tells how optimized is the site.

Higher domain authority is always an attractive point for advertisers. Whether marketers are looking for guest post or backlinks, domain authority is very important for your website.

Quick ways to increase domain authority

Find a relevant domain name

This is the best option if you are starting a domain from scratch, but what if you have already bought a domain and are looking to increase the domain authority for it?

Then you should make the content and other things relevant to your domain.

If the domain name of your website, for example, is about technology, then your categories, pages, and posts should be exclusively about technology.

You can use a DA checker with Spam Score to detect changes in your domain authority and spam score on your website.

Concentration on the content of the website

Content is very important for your website and it’s a main factor in increasing your domain authority. High quality, relevant and consistent content is always a plus point for your website.

MOZ’s algorithms analyze the content of your website and generate the number accordingly. Plagiarized and inferior content always worsens your domain authority and increase spam score, as well.

Focus on link building strategies of your site

Backlinks are considered the backbone of a website not only for search engines but also for MOZ. This is because they create reference and trust for your website for search engines.

The more backlinks you have, the higher the chances of a higher ranking. But the quantity of backlinks is no more important than the quality of the links.

The MOZ considers quality as quantity and in this way, you should create more backlinks from high authority websites instead of getting thousands of backlinks from low authority websites.

Marketers consider a single HQ backlink to be more beneficial than thousands of backlinks from low-stat websites.

Your content needs to be optimized and some of the factors are listed below:

• Adding heading tags to your content, is also an SEO factor for search engine rankings
• Adding images, internal and external links to the content of your website
• Add meta description and keywords to your content


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