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3 Expert Tips to Follow to Stop Water Tanks from Freezing

If you are an inhabitant of Australia, then a shortage of water is the problem that you face all thoughout the year. And as imagining life without water is impossible, you may be looking for ways that help you to get rid of the problem of water scarcity and use water without any restrictions. Are you wondering what to do? Well, you can save rainwater. As there is no limit on rainwater, and no one can restrict you from preserving it, you can easily save it. And to store rainwater that you can later use for household activities, install a water tank.

There are several companies that offer different types of water tanks Warragul, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, and other places in Australia. Based on the space available in your home, the amount of water you need, and your budget, you can buy a water tank and install it in your home. However, only installing it is not enough, you also have to make sure that the tank does not freeze during the winter season; otherwise, the purpose of installing the tank will not be fulfilled. Thinking how to prevent water tank from freezing? Here are some tips that will help you with this task. Take a look.

1. Go for larger water tanks

This is the easiest thing that you can do to stop the water tank from freezing. In comparison to a smaller volume of water, a larger volume of water takes a longer time to freeze completely. When you refill the water tank with new water that is a little warmer than the water which is already in the tank, the temperature of the water tank rises, and thus, the freezing process delays. This cycle relies on regular water usage, as well as replacement.

2. Ensure proper water tank insulation

If you want to avoid freezing of water during winter, then you should ensure proper tank insulation. When you choose a proper insulating material, and use it for covering the tank from the sides and top, the temperature of the water tank does not go down. It is because the insulating material prevents heat from leaving the tank, and keeps it warm enough to avoid freezing. You can also buy optional covers to stop water from freezing.

3. Keep the water moving

Standing water is more likely to freeze than moving water. During the winter season, if the water from the storage tank is not used for a few days, then it will freeze quickly. To prevent this, you should use water from the tank regularly or move it somehow. Water usage should be high enough to make sure that the rate at which heat is added to the tank from the new water is more than the rate at which the tank is losing heat.

So, these are the tips that you can follow to avoid the hassle of a frozen water tank. And to buy a water tank to store water, opt for a company that offers poly rain water tanks Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, and other places of Australia at affordable prices.

Author Bio: William Smith, a popular blogger on poly rain water tanks Geelong, here writes on a few tips that you can follow to stop your water tanks Warragul from freezing.

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