3 Benefits to Reap from Choosing Wildflower Watching Trip in the Heart of Sichuan

Sichuan has a lot to offer in its plate. From the city gardens to the green countryside, nature is here at its best. You can witness the Tibetan habitats and panda habitats in Sichuan along with a wide range of native flower species. Where you would love to spend the rest of your life. Not only are the flowers main attraction, but the scenic beauty is also something to cherish forever.

Above all, did you know Sichuan makes a way for observing 440 orchid species bloomed abundantly? Whether it is Cymbidium, Slipper Orchids, or Calanthe, the province is the ultimate paradise for every plant lover. On top of the natural beauty, the grasslands, mountains, and canyons create mesmerizing backdrops. It goes without saying why the different regions of Sichuan have become the hotspots for flower-watching trips. So, if you are looking for an extra boost to wander off with Sichuan Wildflower expedition Tour,read on.

Finding Beautiful Floral Valleys

Different localities of Sichuan are home to stunning flowers that cover the fields in every season. If you are visiting southwestern part in March, the millions of cherry blossom, peach flowers, plum flowers are ready to welcome you in their full glory. The grounds are covered with pink flowers where you can enjoy a game of Mahjong. Again, if you wish to see the full vigor of spring flowers, peonies blossoming in different parks can simply take your breath away.

Seeing Handkerchief Tree before Your Eyes

Chinese Dove Tree is known as Handkerchief Tree for its white color and beautiful flowers. Also, the way the flower hangs from the tree is a point to consider. Blooming in the high altitude of China, the discovery of the tree became news in the 19th century. There are heart-shaped leaves that are organized alternatively. On an interesting note, the flowers transform into drupes. When they ripen, they take the form of the balls having 3-5 seeds in them. So, look around for this type of flower where the abundance of sunshine is available. In addition to it, the dove trees are not likely to grow in the regions where water tends to stand.

Unbelievable Scenic Beauty of Huanglong

Huanglong looks like no less than a fairyland on Earth. Huanglong is a perfect place for watching slipper orchids. Keeping the less-explored forests in the backdrop, you can take a row of Instagram worthy shots with ease. The exotic trees endemic rare flowers to attract a wide variety of butterflies and birds in one place. For taking the China flower watching trip to the next level, there are Yingbin Colored Ponds where the reflections never did look better. So, look at the pond to notice the color fest of sky, clouds, mountains, and fully bloomed trees altogether. Moreover, winter becomes one of the best times to visit since the waterfalls, bamboo shoots, and forests are covered with magical snowfall.

So, if you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of parks and valleys in spring or any season, Sichuan is the destination to be.

Author bio: Peter Smith is a popular travel blogger who has numerous articles on flower tours and one of them revolves around China flower watching trip. Here, he mentions 3 reasons to backpack around China for Sichuan wildflower expedition tour.

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