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2 Simple Tricks to Follow to Keep Your Pots Looking Great

Pots and containers, which are rich in colour and foliage fades with time, and look worn out and tired, especially when the mid-summer rolls out. And the higher the temperature will be, the more those beautiful blossoms and plump leaves will shrivel and disappear. Well, this will not be the story of woe this year. You can keep your containers in a healthy condition all summer long by following some simple tricks.

In today’s world, garden centres and companies have such an amazing collection of terracotta and glazed Pots Melbourne and the surrounding areas, that you can hardly resist yourself from buying the most exclusive ones and make them a part of your garden. However, the tough part is to keep them look good all through the year. Here is a brief review of the steps that you can take display your pot brilliantly. Have a look.

  1. Pick the right pot

The first step for a robust planter is to choose the pot of right size. There are several factors that will help you to determine this. A planter, which is too small will crowd roots and results in scarcity of water and nutrients, which are vital for healthy and vigorous health. Containers, which are too big can result in overlay moist oil, cutting off oxygen and drowning the roots. Fungal growth is common, as are damping off and root or stem rot. Therefore, if the recommended spacing is 10 to 12 inches, item, which thrives in containers can be planted about 6 to 8 inches apart. As a general rule, if the normal growth is 10 to 12 inches, you will need a pot, which is a bit more than half the size, or around 6 to 8 inches in diameter. From plants, which grow from 24 to 36 inches in height, a larger container around 24 inches in diameter will be appropriate. Make sure that there is a drainage hole in the pot so that access water flow easily.

  1. Plant with a plan

You have to careful while picking plants for your garden. You cannot just choose some plants as you like the most. Opt for the plants, which will thrive in your particular climate, as well as light condition. And if you want to mix plants together in one pot, go for the ones that have similar needs of light and water. Adding some foliage plants will help to fill out your pots, and they will provide an element of unity. If you want to add a dynamic visual interest to your potted garden, then add plants with varying heights and bloom times. Summer flowers like canna lilies, gladiolas, caladiums, and arums will extend the season and offer fresh colour and interest while earlier blooms will take a rest.

Keep these tricks in mind to keep your pots looking great. And if you want to go an extra mile by adding some extra elements in your garden space, then incorporate statues. Do a research and opt for a local shop that offers different types of concrete statues Melbourne, and buy the one that can complement the look and feel of the space.

Author Bio: Arthur Mack, a popular blogger on pots and concrete statues Melbourne, here writes on the tricks to follow to keep your garden pots healthy. He also suggests to opt for a popular shop for buying glazed pots Melbourne.

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