10 Trends of Digital Marketing You Must Consider in 2022

Every year we are witnessing unexpected and innovative digital trends that lay the basis for the future of marketing. We haven’t been disappointed even in a year as ear-shattering as 2021. Of course, nobody can say 100% what the future of marketing looks like, but industry experts can provide you with great insights and predictions into some of the possibilities.

2022 is on the horizon, and digital marketers need to find ways to engage with their prospects while harnessing potential custom wordpress development services and technological innovations and make their online presence strong.

10 Digital marketing trends are all set to be the most groundbreaking to date.

1. Video Marketing

Videos are 50% to generate first page SERP ranking rather than any other SEO techniques. Almost 82% of online traffic is reported from video. And humongous consumers have been convinced to buy a product or use a service after watching a video.

Video is the core part of any content strategy, and all digital marketers closely follow it. Brands should integrate video content in their websites like webinars, product demos, and live events to help them to keep their content fresh and aligned with what their consumers are looking for.

2. Automation

You are into developing your digital marketing strategy for the year, so look for great ways to utilize your time in an efficient way. And to improve your efficiency, you can automate repetitive tasks. For instance, you can use automation as a part of your email marketing strategy. Send direct mails to customers depending on their specific behaviours.

Personalise these emails and show what consumers have left behind. Set up your emails by considering when anyone abandons their cart on your site. And ultimately, you can turn that abandoned cart into a sale!

3. Content Marketing

Ok! You have B2B content on your site. When you have mastery of different topics, go for adding a PR element to gain credibility. While others will mention or quote your high-quality content.

When you want to stand out in your defined industry, you need to align your PR, leadership, and SEO. These three key aspects will boost your company’s visibility and lead to high authority and credibility. Lastly, make sure that users link your generated content on your specific topic that you own.

4. Influencer Marketing

Want to expand your social media marketing plan? Get to partner with an influencer who has a strong following. They will assist you in outreaching your target audience in a short span of time because you can ask them to promote and review your product or service.

It simply states that you can use influencers’ existing brand trust and loyalty to build your own brand credibility. Users will listen to their personal recommendations and try to follow them. Or they might decide to give your business a try.

5. Virtual Assistants

Voice search for shopping is estimated to hit $40 billion by 2022. And along with AI, it has become an increasingly popular virtual assistant. As a result, consumer spending time through voice assistants reaches 18%.

The chances are that your business is already using a virtual assistant to automate your customer service needs. So it is through applications like handling customer inquiries efficiently on social media platforms, email marketing, and other online platforms.

Multiple benefits are linked with virtual assistants or chatbots. Such as:

  • Without the involvement of the company, chatbots can answer consumers’ queries.
  • The AI pushing the chatbot offers a unique personality that cheers up the customer experience.
  • Customer interaction tends to increase in chatbots, offering personalized and enjoyable experiences.

6. Personalization

In 2022, personalization will play a huge role. Rather than catching all the content, it seems appealing to create specific advertising that effectively serves your audience. It is not just about content, but ensuring that the audience receives it at the right time and place is important for your engagement.

Take time to understand your audience’s platforms and create a personalized message that serves each demographic. User experience leads to a high number of loyal users. It is not just about marketing your product or service to each social media platform, but location, the cultural association, is even important for the same product or service.

Pro tip: Trust us; it is worth the time and effort to make your audience feel understood.

7. Mobile-First Marketing

Unsurprisingly, people spend a considerable amount of time online. In the world of marketing, the way people shop and buy has changed along with the boost in internet usage. And it also includes how people are accessing the internet.

The use of smartphones and tablets increases day by day instead of the desktop to browse products or services on the web. So your business needs to create mobile-friendly content or sites that rank higher in search engines. One simple step is to use custom wordpress development services and design a site that automatically adjusts your smaller screen. Accelerated mobile pages make your content load faster on smartphones and tablets.

8. Semantics Still Core of Search

SEO continues to evolve by the way people are searching for things on the internet. It sounds like a simple thing, but it’s rooted in something complicated called semantics. It is a study of words and states in a specific context. When Google’s algorithm takes a search query, it matches results close to the query’s intent, and that’s how semantics work. So incomplete or random search and even incorrect grammar lead exactly to what you are looking for.

It will remain a crucial part of SEO and User Experience (UX). However, you will notice the impact of semantics more in voice assistance. Alexa, Siri, and other voice assist programs heavily rely on semantic searches. Marketers have now integrated voice searches into their content marketing strategies, so they stay relevant for the long term.

9. Security will always be Priority

Privacy plays a huge role if you want to do business and build some loyal customers. Also, it means the overall security of your websites and shopping interfaces. Within mere seconds, visitors decide whether the site is safe or not. Any wrong signal, and they will go somewhere else.

It will result in higher bounce rates and be bad for your Google ranking. Instead, enable HTTPS protocol to send a signal that your site is secure. Show a trusted security seal that everyone can see. Faster loading with squeaky clean design helps you to build trust in visitors.

10. Progressive Web Apps

Smartphone apps are an excellent way to stay connected to your customers. People rely more on mobile devices, so they are quite comfortable accessing the web while on the go. Progressive web apps (PWA) come upon an incredible balance between the streamlined experience of an app and the comprehensive experience you get from a site.

This trend starts right now as we are moving into 2022; make sure to stay ahead of the curve and get ready with an amazing app’s functionality. Digital marketers expect PWA frequency to grow because users can access it offline, enjoy the quicker load time, and enable push notifications.

Bottom Line

Being a marketer, you should continue to adapt and find ways to handle the growing demands of your customers. We can’t go through a global pandemic and don’t expect things to change, but marketers have proven how they can handle drastic changes. Get ahead in the world of marketing with the right tools and technology and with the best support of web design and development services. Keep these trends in mind and prepare yourself and your business as the future holds many surprises.


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