10 Expert Tips to Optimize Your Google Local Advertising


The boom of digitalization has brought in a major paradigm shift in the advertising industry leading to the decline of traditional forms of advertising involving newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, and Television.

With the rise of Digital Marketing that utilizes online and digital channels such as websites, mobiles, and social media platforms as a medium of communication and as an effective marketing tool, the reach and penetration of advertising campaigns have increased by leaps and bounds. Promotion and advertising via Digital marketing medium not only offers higher reach, penetration, smart targeting, and cost-effectiveness but also its results are quite measurable making it an inevitable tool for product promotion and advertising.

Google accounts for almost  90% of the search market share and thus it would be a highly recommended decision to effectively use Google Advertising services for maximum business benefits for achieving higher profit revenues. Moreover, local advertising has also gained huge momentum by utilizing Google ads as the majority of the customers rely heavily on local information found in advertisements for deciding upon the call to action.

Thus, the brands and businesses must emphasize enormously on optimizing Google local advertising campaigns for better local business growth and opportunities as Google local advertising holds huge potential for transforming any local business into a highly successful venture by helping them to acquire more local clients leading to higher profit revenues.

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Here are 10 expert tips to optimize your Google local advertising for driving more local customers for maximizing your business.

●     Target Audiences Based on Their Location

●     Create location-specific Ad content

●     Scheduling  Ads during peak business hours

●     Set up Call extensions

●     Organize and optimize your website

  • Use Keyword Research tools

●     Take a Data-Driven Approach to Calls

●     Use Online Data to Personalize Call Experiences

●     Use Google Tag Manager to track your conversions

●     Increase Bids for Mobile Devices

●     Retarget local audiences

●     Leverage Google Trends

●     Deliver exceptional service

  • Consider outsourcing

➢    Target audience based on their location

While developing a local advertising campaign,  the primary deciding factor should be local targeting. Location targeting is important for local businesses because you want to reach out to audiences close to your area of business for maximum benefit.

Advertisers can target audiences in Google Ads according to city, state, nation, or ZIP code. To establish the location of your customers, use data that is easily available in your CRM.

To make changes to location settings, you need to choose the campaign you want to update, then select “Locations” from the left-hand menu. Then under “Targeted”, you can select specific regions you would like to target.

You can choose to target a region directly or by radius. So, if you have many fixed store sites, you may set a mile radius around them to drive search traffic within an operable distance. One thing to keep in mind when configuring the areas for your campaign is that there is an option that Google does not always make clear. When you choose your campaign and then the campaign settings, you’ll see the target locations.

Now expand the “Locations” button to see the target specifications and then expand “Location Options” and pick “People in or regularly visiting your chosen locations.” This will ensure that you are only targeting people who are physically searching within the specified radius of an area.

➢    Create location-specific advertising content

Crafting geographically relevant advertisement content consisting of local language and touch and essence can be really helpful in enticing the target customers of a local area to develop a feeling of belongingness and help them get associated with the company.

According to Google, 4 out of every 5 people prefer advertisements that are tailored specifically to their city, ZIP code, or neighboring surroundings.

The more local flavor you add to your advertising content and campaign, the more likely are your chances to establish a better understanding and relationship with the local customers.

➢    Scheduling  Ads during peak business hours

To avoid lost opportunity arriving due to non-respondents during non-business hours can lead to incurring heavy expenditure costs.

Thus, focus on scheduling the advertisements during peak business hours to ensure that your advertising appears only when your business is open.

➢    Set up Call extensions

Inbound calls are important for achieving higher conversion rates. Make sure to prominently include your phone number in your advertisements to encourage viewers to connect and contact you. Google has discovered that 70% of mobile searchers have called back the businesses straight from the search results.

Most of the local businesses provide a particular number to call, especially in paid advertisements. It’s quite easy to set up call extensions within your ads. Select the campaign you want to add the call extension to and then select “Ads and Extensions” on the left-hand menu. Then choose “Extensions,” then click the plus sign on the right. Choose “Call Extension” from the drop-down menu. You will then be able to add your business phone number to your advertising. This serves as an “extension” to your advertisement, providing a secondary choice for people to click on if they want to call rather than visit your website:

➢    Organize and optimize your website

Make sure that you organize and optimize your website very well. Paid search for local businesses is especially effective if the website is well-organized. The website is very crucial in building trust and confidence with the customers. Having mobile-optimized landing pages, whether they are part of your site or standalone, unlinked sites,  is a huge benefit in the paid search sector.

➢    Use keyword research tools

There are a number of paid keyword research tools available, but you can also use free keyword tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. This tool gives you a broad idea of the search volume for your preferred search phrases, as well as some other useful information. Select the “Tools and Settings” icon in the upper right-hand corner of your Google Ads dashboard to access the Keyword Planner. Then, from the menu, choose “Keyword Planner.”

➢    Take a Data-Driven Approach to Calls

Using data to optimize your ad campaigns is an essential element of the process. They can help you enhance ad targeting by providing insights into what truly drives conversions. It is always preferable to adopt data-driven actions in order to enhance your digital ad ROI.

➢    Use Online Data to Personalize Call Experiences

Making use of online data to personalize call experiences will help the business gain more profits. Customers that receive poor customer service or have a terrible call experience may decide not to do business with a company.

Please try to rectify the following problems-

  • Calls were not returned.
  • Waiting periods are excessively long.
  • The caller was transferred from agent to agent.
  • The agent has no idea why a caller is phoning.
  • Connecting callers to the best location or employee as soon as possible improves customer conversion rates.

➢     Use Google Tag Manager to track your conversions

Conversions are desirable activities for consumers after they click on your ad. One of the most crucial parts of paid advertising is the ability to track conversions.

Installing Google Tag Manager across your company’s website is the simplest approach to build conversion events. Tag Manager will enable you to rapidly create the events you desire in the locations you desire.

➢    Increase Bids for Mobile Devices

More than 75% of people who look for something nearby on their smartphones visit a business within a day. Customers arrive at your door as a result of mobile searches. Therefore, you should emphasize on increasing your bids for mobile device searchers considering its huge significance.

➢    Retarget Local Audiences

To drive more conversions, you need to re-target local customers using their email addresses or phone number.

Display relevant ad campaigns to audiences to entice them to call again. Show audiences relevant ad campaigns that will incentivize them to call again.

➢    Leverage Google Trends

Try leveraging Google Trends to see how the current circumstances are affecting the volume and frequency of specific search inquiries. Once there, you can enter the query for which you’re seeking data as well as the location.

➢    Deliver exceptional services

Delivering exceptional services is the key to a successful business that will help drive new consumers and retain old ones with the help of well-optimized Google Ads campaigns. If your company is good at what it does, a completely optimized campaign will result in more profit over time from single conversions.

➢    Consider outsourcing

Depending on your financial condition, you can think about outsourcing. This alternative could be beneficial in the long term, especially if you need help to get everything set up. There are numerous organizations and individuals available to assist you in setting up or enhancing your account. Once you’ve developed an optimum campaign structure, conversion tracking, and promotional approach, you’ll be able to economically scale your ads and generate additional revenues.


Any business small or big should always consider tapping the local market which is the easiest way to improve the reach and penetration.In order to gain trust and popularity in the local market, businesses need to strategize and put focus on local advertising, for which Google Ads provide the maximum reach.

Google local advertising has immense potential for leveraging success for local businesses by helping them acquire more local clients for  higher profit generation.

There are many ways to optimize your Google local advertising for maximizing business profits, which can be incorporated very conveniently into any business to acquire more local customers.


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